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Diagnostic Imaging Sciences Center

Transfer Philips 3T scanner data from DISC XNAT server to Analyst Desktop


General Overview:

The scanner data has been stored in a file repository called DISC-XNAT if project choose this option. These instructions explain how you can download data from DISC-XNAT to the computer you use for data analysis. For detail and more advanced usage about xnat, please refer to XNAT User's Guide.

Please note the following:

  • All study DICOM files have option to transfer MR data from the 3T scanner to DISC-XNAT.
  • DISC-XNAT has a web interface that you can access at: If you don't already have login credentials for DISC-XNAT, browse to this site and use the register link to establish them.
  • When you login you will be able to view data in those project(s) that have listed you as member. If you are not currently listed as a member of the project team contact the Principle Investigator. (Principle Investigators: If needed ask for help from the DISCSupport.)

How do I get the raw data from DISC-XNAT to my desktop?

  • Use your browser and login to the DISC-XNAT site.

    once you login, you will be able to view projects that have listed you as member.

  • Navigate through projects and subjects to the desired MR session.
    Under session level:
  • hove over on "Download" from Action menu will display submenu --> Download Images

  • in Select image Data, using the checkboxes on left side of the “scan formats” most common type is DICOM – select an appropriate scan type (or all) – choose download method, then click the “Submit” button
  • Initiate the Download and select a folder to receive the image files
  • When the transfer has completed, unpack the compressed files.

What to do if the procedure(s) described in this document do not work

  • Do you have the current version of this document?
    If you are reading this on the web -- you have the current version -- If you have a hardcopy then it might have been superceded by something that is more current. Please use the most current version of this document
  • How do I contact you?
    Please contact DISCSupport. Please be specific about the problem you are having.
    • Which part of the procedure is not working?
    • What exactly is not working?
    • What are the error Messages you are seeing?
    • What step can we execute to reproduce this problem?

Note that data will be stored on XNAT for 7 years since the date of the last MRI scan.

Last Modified: Monday, 22-Feb-2021 15:07:52 PST