Welcome to the Multivariate Surface Analysis Website

This site is dedicated to providing information, tutorials, test data sets and computer code related to surface analysis and the use of multivariate analysis methods to surface analytical data. Currently this site is mainly focused on the application of MVA to ToF-SIMS data. The creation of this website was a recommendation from the 59th IUVSTA Workshop on Surface Chemical Analysis held in Trinidad & Tobago from April 11-16, 2010. This conference focused on the use of advanced data analysis methods for processing surface analysis data. It was determined that there is a significant need for educational material with regards to MVA and its application to surface analytical data. Since the development of advanced data analysis methods for surface analytical data is part of the NESAC/BIO mission statement and NESAC/BIO has a long history of developing MVA methods for biomedical surface analysis applications, NESAC/BIO has agreed to host and maintain the website. It is hoped that this website will become a hub for learning about MVA methods and there application to surface analytical data. The success of this website depends greatly on the participation of the community. So if you have a tutorial, data, software or other pertinent information to share, please contact Dan Graham. We hope you find this website useful.