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Below you will find links to tutorials about the ZCORRECTORGUI, the program for correction of the z-axis for ToF-SIMS depth profiles in the NB toolbox.

I have taken a lot of time creating step by step tutorials on how to use each function within the ZCORRECTORGUI.

You must go through ALL tutorials in order to use the ZCORRECTORGUI properly.

The tutorials are available as pdf downloads. In each case
the tutorials will take you step by step through how to use the functions of the gui.

For best performance the ZCORRECTORGUI should be used on a high end PC. The more memory and faster CPU the better. The ZCORRECTORGUI will cause Matlab to run out of memory if you import image data sets with a large number of peak images (>100 to 150 peaks). I am working on improving the performance, but this is not easy with Matlab.

One way to avoid 'Out of Memory' errors, is reducing the size of the data set by down binning the image, or reducing the number of peak images in the data set. There is a button in the ZCORRECTORGUI to downbin your data set.

Background slides on ZCORRECTORGUI

Download the PDF file here


These tutorials were created from screen shots that were 1267x919 pixels.
They should work fine on any modern computer monitor. Maximize the window size if things don't look right.

You can download all of the pdf tutorials in a zip file or view/save each of them individually. To view a pdf tutorial
click on the link. To save, right-click and choose 'save as'.

If you are going to use the standalone version please see this tutorial NBToolbox Standalone - Important Information

Download all Zcorrectorgui pdf tutorials in a zip file

1. General Introduction - Main Page

2. Overlay Tools

3. 3D Tools

4. Load Data From Workspace

5. Creating 2D profiles from 3D image stack (only available in Ver 2.7-2.8)

6. Color Overlay Tools (only available in Ver 2.75-2.8)

7. 3D PCA (Beta) (only available in Ver 2.75-2.8)

8. 3D Tools - New Features (only available in Ver 2.8)

9. 3D PCA - New Features (only available in Ver 2.8)

10. Layer by Layer Line Profiles (only available in Ver 2.8)