IMAGEGUI features

Import .bif or .bif6 image files (Iontof)
Import data from workspace
Normalize image data
Crop image
Filter/process image (down bin x2, boxcar, wavelet (with Matlab wavelet toolbox), up sample x2)
Plot image data
Create and plot a ratio of peaks for every pixel in an image
Plot PCA/MAF scores
Plot PCA/MAF loadings
RGB Image overlays
Scalebar creation and image labeling
Import imzML (requires MSiReader)
Plot images using a micron scale
Split positive and negative scores and loadings for easier interpretation
New colormaps added for producing better contrast in scores plots
Interface with MCR-ALS by Tauler and de Juan
Image aligner
Image dicer - to dice stage raster or other images into smaller images
ROI extractor
Pseudo spectra plotter - to plot spectra from imported image data

New in v2.8:
Improved downbinning algorithm in 'Filter Image' panel
Auto ROI Extractor - uses PCA to define ROI, automated to process multiple .bif6 files
Correlated Image Finder - finds images that show similar spatial distributions
Basic image processing functions - measure features, line scans, trace edges, threshold
Exporting image figures at native resolution without axes or labels

Tutorials for the Imagegui can be found here:

Imagegui Tutorials

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1. Read and accept the licensing terms
2. Fill out the form
3. Download the software
4. Follow the installation instructions

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