MVSA Website Tutorials

These tutorials are provided voluntarily by various scientist within the community. They are taken from presentations, classes, and workshops presented by the respective authors. There may be some overlap between the various presentations, but repetition is never a bad thing.

Some presentations contain notes from the authors. When possible a PDF of the presentations is also made available for download.

All tutorials on this website remain copyright of their respective authors. If you use materials from this website, please give proper acknowledgment to the authors of the material.

General Introduction to PCA (Dan Graham PhD)

PCA Step by Step (Dan Graham PhD)

Simplifying the Interpretation of ToF-SIMS Spectra and Images using Careful Application of Multivariate Analysis (Matt Wagner PhD)

Avoiding the MVA Quickie (Dan Graham PhD)

The Complexities of the Basics of PCA I (Dan Graham PhD)

The Complexities of the Basics of PCA II (Dan Graham PhD)

A Guide to the Practical Use of Multivariate Analysis in SIMS (Joanna Lee and Ian Gilmore PhD) (Opens in new window at NPL Website)

The application of multivariate data analysis techniques in surface analysis (Joanna Lee and Ian Gilmore PhD) (Opens in a new window at Wiley download site)

How To Validate Your Model (Alex Henderson PHD)