Student Legal Services


Free 40-Minute Consultations

Student Legal Services (SLS) consultations are provided by our Director, Staff Attorney, and Rule 9 Licensed Legal Interns (third year UW Law School students with a limited license to practice law in Washington under attorney supervision). Our goal is for you to understand your rights and responsibilities so you can make educated legal choices. In our confidential setting, you discuss your situation, and we provide analysis, advice, resources, and/or referrals.

An individual student can receive an unlimited number of free consultations as long as the legal issues are unrelated. SLS only meets with one student at a time, subject to ethical constraints.

“[The interns] who helped me were very empathetic, took the time to understand my situation. They told me about all my options regarding my legal issue, and gave me helpful outside resources.

Ongoing Legal Representation

At some time after your consultation, you may wish to hire Student Legal Services to resolve your legal matter. If we agree to take your case, we will schedule a hiring meeting as soon as possible. This is subject to the discretion of our director and whether or not our office has the capacity to take on your case.

Group Presentations

In addition to providing legal advice and representation to individual students, Student Legal Services offers free educational presentations to student groups on relevant legal topics. College students of any age may be unaware of their legal rights and responsibilities. Our presentations can reduce that ignorance so that going forward, students are better equipped to make well-informed legal choices.