Disability Resources for Students

January 17, 2019

Dr. James Cheek named director of Disability Resources For Students

DRS welcomes new Director Jamey Cheek to our team!

Dr. James “Jamey” Cheek holds an EdD in Counseling/Educational Psychology from Texas Tech University. Since 2011, he has served as the Director of Academic Support for the UW School of Medicine where he was honored with the 2014 Margaret S Anderson Award for Outstanding Student Support. A longtime disability advocate, Jamey is a current DRS key partner in support of medical students and residents. He is a licensed mental health therapist and has worked with disability services in a multitude of arenas as an educator, counselor, and administrator. Along the way he has been honored to work as the Assistant Director for the 9/11 World Trade Center Disaster Response in New York and as the trainer for the Hurricane Katrina Resiliency Project in Houston. His passion and dedication to social justice and diversity have been driving factors throughout his career and he is excited for continued growth and leadership with the UW Disability Resources for Students.