Disability Resources for Students

Information for Students

How can an Academic Coach help me improve?
Each student has different needs; Coaches most often assist with providing organization, motivation, goal-setting, reflection, self-regulation, time management, study skills, outlining and insight into learning strengths. Coaches can assist greatly with providing structure and accountability.

Do I need to have a documented disability to use the Coaching service?
Yes. Students have to be registered and connected to the office. Students can learn about getting started with DRS by reviewing our Getting Started webpage or contacting us directly.

How do I get set up with an Academic Coach?
DRS students can be referred to academic coaching by their Counseling Coordinator based on need and space. You can make an appointment with your Coordinator directly, visit us during drop-in Coordinator on Duty (COD) hours, or contact the office.

Do Coaches work with graduate and professional school students?

How long am I eligible for the Coaching program?
Students enrolled in DRS Academic Coaching have access to the program through their time at the UW. Undergraduates can meet with a Coach four times during each academic quarter; graduate & professional student will likely have a more individualized meeting schedule.

How do I contact the DRS Office for this?
You can call our office at (206) 543-8924 or email us at uwdrs@uw.edu.
Please see the sidebar to the right for current office hours and drop-in times.

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