Care Transformation

Lung Cancer Screening PATH

To meet our mission of providing broad access to the best care, and with empaneled patient data now available, the PATH (population approach to health) team has started a system-wide intervention to increase rates of early-detection of lung cancer through evidence-based screening. Doing so will close a gap in the early-detection of lung cancer among Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, commercially insured individuals (including ACN and value-based contracts), and eligible individuals paying out-of-pocket. In addition to achieving our mission goals, this intervention will put us “ahead of the curve” in meeting anticipated quality measures that payers will use to pay for performance.

Target Patient Population
: This includes current or former smokers (and those with missing smoking status) aged 55-80 years, who receive care at HH, HMC, NWH, UWMC, and UWNC.

1) more complete and accurate smoking status information on UW Medicine Primary care empaneled patients;
2) more complete and accurate lung cancer risk factor documentation within the EHR for UW Medicine Primary care empaneled patients who are current or former smokers;
3) higher rates of shared-decision making visits and lung cancer screening among high-risk individuals;
4) a dashboard for monitoring provider, clinic, and system-level performance.