Care Transformation

Primary Care Pathways/PATH Initiatives

About Primary Care Pathways (Pathways):

UW Medicine is developing ambulatory clinical care pathways which will allow for a system-wide, evidence-based approach to delivering predictably excellent care to patients in primary care.


  • Reduce unnecessary variation in patient care by building consensus around evidence based protocols and reducing unnecessary procedures, interventions, tests, or labs.
  • Optimize the health and experience of patients with certain conditions and diseases.  Ambulatory pathways are a standard tool to help providers, nurses and other clinical team members to implement comprehensive, individualized care plans for their patients using the most up-to-date information and connections to resources in the community.
  • Improve care coordination for chronic disease management.
  • Support the use of evidence based guidelines in key areas of opportunity in clinical practice such as, depression, hypertension, diabetes and low back pain.

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About Population Approach to Health (PATH):

PATH is an outlier management program designed to track and monitor sub-populations of patients who have “fallen off the Pathway”. The program acts as a “safety net” for the Pathways for certain patient populations.

Goal: To build an infrastructure for a successful population approach to health in order to improve quality and care gap performance across a variety of sub-populations in value-based contracts.

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How Pathways and PATH Align