Leadership Without Borders

A Message for Parents

Parents are a crucial part of their children’s path to higher education. Having full support plants the seed and motivates students to overcome adversity, and attend college. Many parents will not able to support their children with financial support but they are able to do so much more.

Why it’s important for Undocumented students to go to college?

With a college education your son/daughter has a greater opportunity to get a well paying job and / or internships. These jobs are higher pay, and most of the time have better benefits that can benefit immigrant families as a whole.

College offers students unique opportunities to grow and develop as young professionals. Through networking and expanding areas of knowledge you son/daughter will have a better chance at being successful in any aspect of life. Many times, if the student no longer wishes to reside in the United States after graduation he/she can look for opportunities in other countries where the degree will have high value.

  1. Starting Early Start early by encouraging your son/daughter to attend college since a very early age. Most students get an introduction to college in middle school or early high school. Reassure them that college is possible despite the obstacles. Talk to your school counselors about free college-bound programs students can join to find their passion.

Guide for college-bound students!

     2. Consider all options Many people don’t consider community colleges or technical schools, sometimes these are the best! Your son/ daughter doesn’t have to begin at a 4-year higher education institution, they can attend a community college. this is sometimes a more affordable in terms of tuition and can stay at home.


  1. Apply for college and financial aid

Your son/daughter should be applying to colleges at the beginning of their senior year. Ask them to have a plan of the colleges they want to apply and have a timeline. The timeline will help you remind them of important milestones and deadlines.

If your son/daughter qualifies for state aid, please help him/her support him / her with the information needed to apply. The Washington Application for State Financial Aid or WASFA is a free application for non-citizens to apply for student financial aid in Washington State. Upon successful completion of a WASFA, the college(s) he/she choose will use the financial information provided in the application to determine their eligibility to receive the Washington State Need Grant.

If they don’t qualify for this aid encourage them to apply to scholarship, below are some important resources for students.

In addition there can be other creative ways to find resources for your kids to attend college.

  • Ask your employer if they can sponsor your children’s education, most of the time colleges will give donors/ sponsors a tax-deductable number!
  • Start a fundraiser! It can be food or services based in your community.
  • Look at options such as GoFundMe.com to raise money to attend school!
  1.  While in College

While in college it is important to continue to support students. For some of your sons/daughters this will be the greatest obstacle. They need support and good communication. Of course, most of the time you will not be able to support students financially, but there are many other things you can do!