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The Washington State Educational Access Coalition for HB 1079 Students

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As a result of a grant received from the College Spark Washington Foundation, the Washington State Educational Access Coalition for HB 1079 Students was formed in 2011. The Coalition’s ultimate goal was to help 1079 students to access and complete higher education.

The Coalition was comprised of faculty and staff from colleges, universities and other interested organizations around the state to assess the services that are available to support non-United States citizens who are attending or may attend college through Washington State House Bill 1079 and to educate providers, families and policymakers about the issues facing these students in higher education.

The Core Advisory Group of the Coalition is formed by a partnership of the following institutions: Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, Central Washington University, University of Washington, Seattle Community Colleges, Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (LEAP), Western University, and The College Spark Foundation.

2014 – HB 1079 Summit: A Decade of Dreaming

Dream. Reflect. Act.

The Coalition sponsored an HB 1079 Summit on June 20, 2014 that intended to:

  • share research findings, recommendations, and resources based on the Coalition’s 3 year work to help institutions, individuals, and organizations to assist 1079 students;
  • promote best practices that K-12 and higher education institutions can utilize to better serve 1079 students;
  • share experience of practitioners and advocates who regularly serve 1079 students;
  • propose policies that the state Legislature should enact to continue to help 1079 students graduate from colleges and universities and, thereby, be in a better position to be contributing members of our state and nation.

Previous Summits

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