The A-102 RICOH Copier/Printer
(1st floor mailroom)

How to install the
A102 Ricoh Printer

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The RICOH copier/printer in the mailroom is available for department faculty and staff.

Normally, this will be your secondary printer, useful when you need fast output or multiple copies.

You can print to the RICOH via the A102 print queue. Installing it requires 2 steps.

First, make your computer aware of the printer. Second, make the printer aware of you.

Then, you will be able to select A102 from your list of printers.

So, this tutorial shows how to

  1. Install the A102 printer driver
  2. Add your user code to the printer's preferences
  3. Select the A102 printer and set options for print jobs.

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Step 1: Install the Driver

  1. image of start key To see the printers installed in Windows, find the Start key left of the spacebar. Hold it and tap R to open a "Run" window.

  2. image of run windowIn the Open field, enter:

    control printers

  3. image of Add Printer linkIn the next window, click "Add a Printer".

  • Your computer will search for available printers. Ignore its efforts.

    Instead, click The printer that I want isn't listed.

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  • In the Select a shared printer by name field, enter the name of the print queue:


  • Click Install driver.

  • Windows will now copy files from our server to your computer. Wait for this process to complete.
  • In the next window, click "Finish" to close the printer installation wizard. (You probably don't want A102 as your default printer.)

You should then see the newly-added A102 printer in the bottom portion of your Devices and Printers window.

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Step 1 is complete!

Your computer can now send jobs to A102.


the RICOH will quietly throw them away,


you complete the next step.

Step 2: Add your user code

The RICOH ignores jobs that have no valid user code attached to them. The code it needs is the same one you use to make copies.

  • To add yours, open the printer's preferences by RIGHT-clicking the newly-installed A102 printer.
  • In the menu that pops up, click Printing Preferences....

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  • In the Printing Preferences window, click the Detailed Settings tab.

  • First, select Job Setup in the Menu, then in the User Code field, type your RICOH code, the same code you enter when standing in front of the machine.
  • Click OK until you return to your desktop.

Your computer can now print to A102.

(You might want to repeat the steps above for any departmental computer from which you might print, such as those in the graduate lounge or in A-101.)

Now, you merely need to SELECT the A102 printer when you need it.

The next slides will show you how.

3. Selecting A102

To print to the RICOH, select the A102 printer from the print menu.

To bring up the Print Menu, choose Print from the File menu.

Alternately, hold down ALT and press F, then P for the same result.

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Next, click the first downward-pointing arrow to reveal a list of printers installed on your computer.

Click \\dept\a102.

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That's it.

When you click OK the computer will send your file to the RICOH in A102.


BEFORE you print:

If you want your pages double-sided

select the Edit menu:

  1. Choose the options you want under 2 sided.
  2. (Next: stapling and 3-hole-punching)

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Also BEFORE you print:

If you want the print-job stapled or 3-hole-punched

select the Finishing menu:

  1. Choose the options you want.
  2. When ready to print, click OK

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The slides below describe the new

Print Release Station.

Read on to learn how to use it.

. . . the end

How to release printing
in A102

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In the Past

When you printed a document to A102, it would begin printing immediately. By the time you arrived, the RICOH would usually be finished.

At 60 pages per minutes, this is the fastest printer in the department.


This meant your printing was sitting unattended while you made your way to the mailroom.

Hopefully the release station will cut down on paper waste

And sometimes, jobs meant for a different printer were sent by mistake to A102.

And sometimes they were forgotten.

The uncollected jobs wasted paper, and the lack of confidential printing made the Ricoh less useful.

So, we've installed a computer to hold your printing until you're ready for it.


when you send a print job to A102, it will first go to the

Print Release Station


the A102 Release Station says, hey

The station holds your print job until you arrive and release it.


  • You won't need to hunt for your printing.
  • Sensitive material won't lie about unattended.
  • Unreleased jobs will eventually be deleted without wasting paper.

Here's how to use the station.

Before you begin...

make sure you've installed the A102 printer according to the instructions in the slideshow above.

Screenshot of Windows 7 Add Network Printer dialogue window
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Once you have prepared a file you wish to print, send it to the \\dept\A102 printer.

select A102 from the Print Menu
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Head down to the A102 copy room.

moving down stairs

When you arrive, you may need to wake up or turn on the Release Station.

If the monitor is blank

  • Move the mouse around or tap the Shift key once or twice.
  • Wait a couple of seconds for the release station to wake up.

(In very rare cases, the computer might be turned off. If so, press the power button on the Acer unit pictured below. The computer will take a minute or two to boot up.)

arrow pointing to the power button on the Acer print release station

At the print release screen, enter:

  • your English account name
  • your English password

(Use the same name and password that let you log into your office computer.)

PaperCuts log-in screen

You'll then see a list of print jobs waiting to be released.

Identify your jobs and click Print for each.

Arrow pointing to the release button on the job queue

Click DONE to log out.

You can pick up your jobs from the output tray behind you.

Arrow indicating the DONE button on job queue interface

That's it!

You now know how
to release a job to the printer.

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