ScanSnap Scanner Tutorial

How to scan documents using

Click the right edge of this box to advance.

This tutorial shows the 6 steps needed to scan documents using the ScanSnap scanners.

You'll find these in the grad lounge (B-13) and in the mail room (A-104).

ScanSnap scanner

1. Center the document to be scanned under the scanner.

Note 1: Although the scanner will auto-correct slanted text, it is best to begin with the document as flat as possible.

Note 2: Avoid using your fingers to hold the pages flat. Doing so may disrupt the auto-correction of the text image.

ScanSnap scanner

2. To scan each page, press the Scan button once (note the arrow below).

Or, you can use the page-turn detect feature. Press the Scan button for 3 seconds to start the first scan. The scanner will wait for you to turn the page, then scan again.

scan button

Once a scan begins, a new window will appear on the computer.

To cancel a scan, click "Abort".

abort button location

3. Once a scan completes, use the Scan button, or the window shown below, to scan the next page.

Or, in page-turn-detect mode, turn the page. (If the scanner doesn't notice, press the Scan button.)

When you've scanned all your pages, click "Finish Scanning".

finish scanning button location

4. Now you can correct the scanned images.

Note the corrected image in the right column.
If it's OK, click "Save and Exit".

Manual Crop (left) Auto-Crop (right) If it isn't OK, alter the cropping by adjusting the six white squares around the image in the left column. Then click "Save and Exit".

5. Save the scanned image

The next window displays the options for saving the image(s).

"Scan to Folder" (highlighted in blue) allows you to save the image(s) to your profile for safe keeping.

save options menu

6. In the "Scan to Folder" window, you can change the file name and click "Browse" to choose the folder that will store the image.

Click "Save" when you are finished.

scan to folder window options

That's It!
You're all done.

Remember to log out of the computer.