Summer 2008 Course Schedule

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200 AREADING LITERATURE O'Neill (A TERM) M-Th 8:30-10:40
200 BREADING LITERATURE (Reading (and Rereading) Hamlet) Gillis-Bridges (A TERM) M-Th 12:00-2:10
200 CREADING LITERATURE ("Placing the Self" in Fiction by Women) Barlow (B TERM) M-Th 10:50-1:00
207 AINTRO CULTURE ST (Introduction to Cultural Studies) George (A TERM) M-Th 9:40-11:50
213 BMODERN/POST MOD LITERATURE (Modern & Postmodern Literature) Wacker (B TERM) M-Th 8:30-10:40
225 ASHAKESPEARE (Shakespeare: Nation and Empire) Mukherjee M-Th 9:40-10:40
230 A(BENGL LIT: AFTER 1800 (Poisonous Novels and Their Readers: The Production and Consumption of British Literature, 1800 to present) James M-Th 8:30-10:40
242 AREADING FICTION (Family Romances: Reading Intimate Fictions) Harkins (B TERM) M-Th 9:40-11:50
242 BREADING FICTION Peck M-Th 10:50-11:50
242 CREADING FICTION (The Graphic Novel) Simpson (A TERM) M-Th 12:00-2:10
281 AINTERMED EXPOS WRIT (Intermediat Expository Writing) Dillon MW 9:40-11:50
281 BINTERMED EXPOS WRIT (Intermediat Expository Writing) Stygall (B) M-Th 12:00-2:10
281 CINTERMED EXPOS WRIT (Intermediat Expository Writing) Taylor (A) M-Th 8:30-10:40
283 ABEGIN VERSE WRITING (Beginning Verse Writing) Seong (AB) TTh 9:40-11:20
284 ABEG SHORT STRY WRIT (Beginning Short Story Writing) Wong (A) M-Th 10:50-12:20
284 CBEG SHORT STRY WRIT (Beginning Short Story Writing) Brower (B) M-Th 8:30-10:10
284 DBEG SHORT STRY WRIT (Beginning Short Story Writing) Abood TTh 12:00-1:40
300 AREADING MAJOR TEXTS (“’Twas Here My Summer Paused”: Six Classics Considered) Walker TTh 12:00-2:10
302 ACRITICAL PRACTICE (Cultural Studies of the Novel: Materialism and Formalism) Harkins (B) M-Th 12:00-2:10
302 BCRITICAL PRACTICE (The Visual World and Narratives) Simpson (A) M-Th 9:40-11:50
310 ABIBLE AS LITERATURE (The Bible as Literature) Griffith M-Th 8:30-9:30
315 ALITERARY MODERNISM Staten (A) M-Th 9:40
321 ACHAUCER (Geoffrey Chaucer the Love Poet: The Early Poems) Rose (A) M-Th 10:50-1:00
323 ASHAKESPEARE TO 1603 Streitberger (A) M-Th 8:30-10:40
324 ASHAKESPEARE AFT 1603 ("Patronage, Print, and Authorship before 1700") Coldewey (A) M-Th 12:00-2:10
334 AENGL NOV LATER 19 C (Gender and Sex at the Fin de Siecle) Holzer (B) M-Th 9:40-11:50
335 AAGE OF VICTORIA (Victorian England: Anxiety and Aspiration) Butwin (A) M-Th 10:50-1:00
338 AMODERN POETRY Wacker (B) M-Th 10:50-1:00
346 ASTDYS SHORT FICTION (Studies in Short Fiction) George (A) M-Th 12:00-2:10
353 AAMER LIT LATER 19C (Uncanny America) Patterson (B) M-Th 12:00-2:10
355 ACONTEMP AM LIT ("Exiles & Expatriates") Barlow MW 4:30
355 BCONTEMP AM LIT (National (In)Security) Cummings (A) M-Th 10:50-1:00
440 ASPEC STUDIES IN LIT (Special Studies in Literature) Davis MW 7:00-9:10
477 ACHILDREN'S LIT (Children's Literature) Griffith M-Th 10:50-11:50
478 ALANG & SOCL POLICY (Language and Social Policy) Belic (AB) TTh 10:50-1:00
498 BSENIOR SEMINAR (Negotiating the City) Patterson (B) M-Th 9:40


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