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Fall, 2015
Welcome to MCB rotation student Emily Wrenn!

We got some great news to start out this quarter. First, Emily won a raffle for a real-time PCR machine!! We also got notice that we’ve been given a Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging. Thank you to the Glenn Foundation for the support!

Congrats to Hannah Chapin, who has moved to a new position teaching science to ninth graders!! We are sad to see her go, but super excited for all the students out there that will get a fantastic new science teacher.

Summer, 2015
OK, I really lost track of time there! I won’t even try to catch up on everything that has been going on, but I am working on updating everything on the website now so that we can start anew! I have been (more) active on twitter, so follow @millerlab to keep up with all the awesomeness and hijinks 🙂

This summer has already been great! At this year’s International Worm Meeting, Jenna Johnson (an Amgen Scholar that worked with Emily last summer) was awarded an Honorable Mention for Best Undergrad Poster!! We are super proud of Jenna and can’t wait to see how she decides to follow up on her successes so far 🙂

Another lab undergrad, Megan Okada, is moving on to grad school! Megan will be starting the PhD program at Utah this fall, and if her work with us is any indication she will be super successful! Congrats and good luck, Megan!

Finally, we are very thankful to both the NIA and NIEHS who have funded R01 grants that are supporting our research. We are VERY excited about these projects!!! You can read more about what we are up to on the research page.

Congrats to Hannah and Meg for publishing their paper “Tissue-specific autophagy responses to stress and aging in C. elegans“!

Congrats to Emily, Jenna, and (former lab member) Jill for publishing their paper “Hypoxia disrupts proteostasis in C. elegans“!

Fall 2012, Winter 2012-2013, Spring 2013
Wow – time really flies when you are having fun! There has been a lot going on in the Miller Lab this last year. Check it out:

Welcome New Lab Members!! The group is growing, and we are excited to have had some new and really excellent folks join our team. Postdoc Stacy Alvarez (an MCB alum!) joins us from her time as a SPIRE scholar at UNC. We have also enjoyed having Hannah Chapin (from the Merz lab) spend more time with us working on worms, and Research Scientist I Justin Etzel. We also had a great time with Sarah Pickett (Neurobiology and Behavior grad student), who joined us for a rotation in Winter Quarter. See “the people” page for all the details.

Congrats to MCB grad student Emily Fawcett – not only was she named to the Developmental Biology Training Grant (yay!), but she won the “Best Talk” award at the NW Developmental Biology Meeting at Friday Harbor. Now she is headed off to Cancun for the Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology (double yay!)!!

Congrats to MCB grad student Nicole Iranon, who published a review article in Frontiers in Genetics of Aging on “Interactions between oxygen homeostasis, food availability, and hydrogen sulfide signaling” (see it here).

Biochemistry grad student Joe Horsman did a SUPER job organizing the Northwest Regional Worm Meeting and hosting our friends from Vancouver, Pullman, Bellingham, and Seattle. Lots of great research to learn about!

Fearless lab leader Dana Miller has agreed to organize the 2014 C. elegans Aging, Metabolism, Pathogenesis, Stress, and Small RNAs topic conference in Madison, WI, with super-star worm researcher Sean Curran of USC.

Summer 2012
The Miller Lab had a super time at the C. elegans Aging, Metabolism, Pathogenesis, Stress, and Small RNAs topic conference in Madison.

Congrats to Emily and Joe for the publication of “Creating defined gaseous environments to study the effects of Hypoxia on C. elegans

Welcome new postdoc April Reedy!

Spring Quarter 2012
Welcome new MCB rotation student Rob Law.

Very excited to have grad student Nicole Iranon (MCB) join the lab!

Congrats to all the UW grad students that were awarded NSF GRFP fellowships! We are especially proud of Miller Lab members Nicole Iranon (fellowship), Emily Fawcett (Honorable mention), and Joe Horsman (Honorable mention). Shout outs also to Biochemistry students Cassie Brian (Honorable mention) and Katja Dove (Honorable mention). Great job everyone!

Winter Quarter 2011-2012
Welcome to our Biochemistry rotation student Cassie Brian.

Congrats to Joe Horsman for being selected to the Biology of Aging Training Grant. Thanks for the support!

Big welcome to Hilary Kemp, who has joined the lab as a Research Scientist. 

Fall Quarter 2011
Welcome to our rotation students, Henry Olson (Biochemistry) and Nicole Iranon (MCB).

Congrats to Dana for publishing “HIF-1 and SKN-1 coordinate the transcriptional response to hydrogen sulfide in Caenorhabditis elegans in PLoS ONE.

Summer Quarter 2011
Dana has been named a New Scholar in Aging by the Ellison Medical Foundation. This award will fund our research to understand the effects of hydrogen sulfide on lifespan and longevity-assurance mechanisms. Thanks for the support!

Congrats to Joe Horsman, who has been selected to the Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant.

Emily, Joe and Dana attend the 18th International C. elegans meeting in Los Angeles.

The Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging has renewed Dana’s Junior Faculty Research Award for another year. Thanks for the support!

Spring Quarter 2011
Dana presented the lab’s research at the annual meeting of the American Aging Association as one of the invited speakers for the Nathan Shock Center Symposium.

Welcome Joe Horsman (Biochemistry) who has joined the lab as our second graduate student trainee!

Emily and Dana attend the Northwest Regional C. elegans Meeting at Western Washington University. Emily introduced Dana for one of the Keynote addresses (and did an excellent job!)

Winter Quarter 2011
Emily Fawcett (MCB) has joined the lab as its first graduate trainee!

Dana presented some of the lab’s work at the Keystone Symposia on Metabolic Responses to Extreme Conditions in Big Sky, Montana.

Welcome winter quarter rotation students Joe Horsman (Biochemistry) and Emily Fawcett (MCB).

Dana has been awarded a pilot grant from the Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Consortium. This work will help develop tools to investigate the molecular players in the response to hypoxia. Thanks for the support!

The Miller Lab is growing! Welcome to postdoc Kate Stoll.

Fall Quarter 2010
Welcome Biochemistry rotation student Katja Dove.

Dana is awarded a Junior Faculty Award from the Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging. This will help fund work to understand how H2S affects protein homeostasis and lifespan. Thanks for the support!

Elizabeth Lester joins the lab as Research Scientist/Engineer.

July 2010
Hello! The Miller lab has opened up in the UW Dept. Biochemistry. Welcome to founding lab members Harley Childs (Research Scientist/Engineer) and undergraduate research student Jill Groulik.

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