Seattle Worm Meeting

This is a meeting of research groups in Seattle (broadly defined) that use C. elegans (and other worms) as a model system. Meetings are monthly on the THIRD THURSDAY, and will be held either in the UW Health Sciences Building (HSB) J-wing room 412 G wing room 328 (map) or at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center M1-303/305 (map). Refreshments will be served at 3:30 pm (for real!!), and talks will start at 4:00 pm. 

If you would like to speak at the Seattle Area Worm Meeting, you are in luck! We are accepting applications  from folks working in any Seattle area (broadly defined!) lab that uses C. elegans (or similar) to fill the presentation schedule. This is a great series for graduate students, postdocs, and technicians to present their work!

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The SWM is organized by Dana Miller and Aakanksha Singhvi. If you have any questions or comments you can email them by clicking here.

Seattle Worm Labs
Ailion Lab, UW Dept. Biochemistry
Bai Lab, Fred Hutch Division of Basic Sciences
Bryant Lab, UW Dept. Physiology and Biophysics – NEW!
Crowder Lab, UW Dept. Anesthesiology
Dahlberg Lab, WWU Dept. Biology
Grill Lab, Seattle Children’s Research Institute and UW Pediatrics 
Kaeberlein Lab, UW Dept. Pathology
Kraemer Lab,UW Department of Medicine, Gerontology Division
Lehrbach Lab, Fred Hutch Division of Basic Sciences 
Liachko Lab, UW Medicine, Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Mendenhall Lab, UW Dept. Pathology
Miller Lab, UW Dept. Biochemistry
Morgan and Sedensky Lab, UW Dept. Anesthesiology
Priess Lab, FHCRC Division of Basic Sciences
Rea Lab, UW Dept. Pathology
Rose Lab, WWU Dept. Neuroscience
Singhvi Lab, Fred Hutch Division of Basic Sciences
Waterston Lab, UW Dept. Genome Sciences

2023-2024 SWM Schedule – 3rd Thursday of the month

2023 meetings will be at the Fred Hutch, M1-A305/307
2024 meetings will be at UW, HSB G328 (NOTE new location!)

Oct 19: Wen Chen (wormbase) + opening mixer. Sponsor: Lehrbach lab
Nov 16: John Wang (Academia Sinica) and Chau Huynh (Waterston lab). Sponsored by Fisher (thank you!) and Singhvi lab.
Dec 14: Nelson Ayala (Grill lab) and Jessi Gauvin (Rose lab). Sponsored by (Brock lab)
Jan 18: open and open. Sponsored by Brock lab.
Feb 15: Lina Dahlberg (Dahlberg lab) and Sarah Tomlin (Lehrbach lab). Sponsored by Ora Biomedical (Thank you!) and Bai lab.
Mar 21: Liza Severs (Singhvi lab) and Ruben Riordan (Kraemer lab). Sponsored by Leica (Thank you!) and Singhvi lab.
Apr 18: Sarah Benbow (Kraemer lab) and Kevin Nelson (Rose lab). Sponsored by Fisher (Thank you!) and Miller lab.
May 16: tbd (Bryant lab) and Pralaksha Gurung (Singhvi lab). Sponsored by Liachko lab



2022-2023 SWM Schedule – 3rd Thursday of the month

Oct 20 (Fred Hutch):Lews Caro (Ailion Lab) 
Nov 17 (Fred Hutch): Jonathan Amezquita (Grill Lab) and Chun-Ling Sun (Crowder Lab)
Dec 15 (Fred Hutch): German Rojas (Singhvi lab) and Dana Miller (Miller Lab)
Jan 19 (UW): Astra Bryant (Bryant Lab) and Omar Kunjo (Lehrbach Lab)
Feb 16 (UW): Chau Vuong (Ailion Lab) and Bai Lab
Mar 16 (UW): Katie Yanagi (Lehrbach Lab) and Maria Purice (Singhvi Lab)
Apr 20 (UW): Randall Eck (Kraemer Lab) and Marina Han (Kraemer Lab)
May 18 (Fred Hutch): Elyse Christensen (Lehrbach Lab) and Liza Severs (Singhvi Lab)

2021-2022 SWM Schedule – 3rd Tuesday of the month
Oct 19 (zoom): Special Guest Seminar: Andrea Calixto 
Nov 16 (zoom): tba and tba
Dec 21 (zoom): Dylan Hedman (Miller lab) and Vaishnavi (Navi) Jadhav (Kraemer/Liachko lab)
Jan 18 (zoom): Muriel Desbois (Grill lab) and and tba
Feb 15: Violet Sorrentino (Singhvi lab) and Lina Dahlberg (Dahlberg lab)
Mar 15: Lews Caro (Ailion lab) and Sarah Benbow (Kraemer lab)
Apr 19: German Rojas (Singhvi lab) and and Amy Clippinger (Ailion lab)
May 17: Randall Eck (Kraemer lab) and Jihong Bai (Bai lab)

2020-2021 SWM Schedule – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Nov 10: Dandan Wang (Grill lab) and Nic Lehrbach (Lehrbach lab)
Dec 8: Connor Kubo (Waterston lab) and Dana Miller (Miller lab)
Jan 12: Rebecca Kow (Kraemer lab) and Ben Blue (Kaeberlein lab)
Feb 9: Jason Pitt (Kaeberlein lab) and Cecilia Martin (Singhvi lab)
Mar 9: Muriel Desbois (Grill lab) and Jennifer Bocanegra (Hoppins lab)
Apr 13:  Pralaksha Gurung (Ailion lab) and Ezra Jochim (Miller lab)
May 11: Stephan Raiders (Singhvi lab) and Jihong Bai (Bai lab)
Jun 8: Sneha Ray (Singhvi lab) and Amy Clippinger (Ailion lab)

2019-2020 SWM Schedule
Oct 17: Irini Topalidou (Ailion lab) and Monet Jiminez (Bai lab)
Nov 21: Atom Lesiak and Crowder lab
Dec 19: Elizabeth Morton (Queitsch lab) and Erik Black (Singhvi lab)
Jan 16: Cecilia Martin (Singhvi lab) and Nicki Liachko (Liachko lab)
Feb 20: Rebecca Kow (Kraemer lab)
Mar 19: NO MEETING – see you at NWDB!
Apr 16: Ashley Hall (Queitsch lab) and Lews Caro (Ailion lab)
May 21: Maria Purice (Singhvi lab) 

2018-2019 SWM Schedule
Oct 4: Chris Braden (Miller lab) and Rebecca Kow (Kraemer lab)
Nov 1: Sneha Ray (Singhvi lab) and Piero Lamelza (Ailion lab)
Dec 6: Elizabeth Morton (Queitsch lab) and Lisa Voelker (Bai lab)
Feb 7: Ryan Rossner (Kaeberlein lab) and Frazer Heinis (Miller lab)
Mar 7: Jackie Rose lab and Stephan Raiders (Singhvi lab)
Apr 4: Ashley Hall (Queitsch lab) and Galen Posch (Ailion lab)
May 2: Sarah Benbow (Kraemer lab) and Cassidy Hemphill (van Gilst lab)
Jun 6: Nicole Liachko (Liachko lab) and TBD (Rea lab)

2017-2018 SWM Schedule
Oct 24: Nicole Iranon (Miller lab) and SPECIAL GUEST Veena Prahlad
Nov 28: Brantley Coleman (Ailion lab) and Lina Dahlberg (Dahlberg lab)
Jan 23: Elizabeth Morton (Queitsch lab) and Rebecca Kow (Kraemer lab)
Feb 27: Piero Lamelza (Ailion lab) and open
Mar 27: Irini Topalidou (Ailion lab) and Dana Miller (Miller lab)
Apr 24: Aakanksha Singhvi (Singhvi lab) and Micaela Pribic (Rose lab)
May 22: Sarah Benbow (Kraemer lab) and Chris Braden (Miller lab)

2016-2017 SWM Schedule
Oct 6: Dana (Miller lab) and Bob (Waterston lab)
Nov 3: Aleen (Kraemer lab) and Nicole (Miller lab)
Dec 1: open and open
Jan 5: Rebecca (Kraemer lab) and Brantley (Ailion lab)
Feb 2: Laura (Kraemer lab) and Lisa (Bai lab)
Mar 2: Adam (Waterstone lab) and Miller lab
Apr 6: Calvin (Waterston lab) and Michael (Priess lab)
May 4: Sarah Pierce and Piero (Ailion lab)
Jun 1: Irini (Ailion lab) and Rose lab

2015-2016 SWM Schedule
Oct 8: No meeting – go to the Neurath Lecture by Sue Lindquist at 4:30!!
Nov 12:Nicole Liachko (Kraemer Lab) and Omar Itani (Crowder Lab)
Dec 10: Josh Russell (Kaeberlein Lab) and Elizabeth Morton (Queitsch Lab)
Jan 14: Stacy Alvares (Miller Lab) and Chris Bennett (Kaeberlein Lab)
Feb 11: Daniel Kaufman (Crowder Lab) and Brantley Coleman (Ailion Lab)
Mar 10: Aleen Saxton (Kraemer Lab) and Tim Durham (Waterston Lab)
Apr 14: Phil Morgan Lab and Lisa Voelker (Bai Lab)
May 12: Nicole Iranon (Miller Lab) and Calvin Mok (Waterston Lab)
Jun 9: Rebecca Kow (Kraemer Lab) and Irini Topalidou (Ailion Lab)

2014-2015 SWM SCHEDULE
Oct 21: Nicole Iranon (Miller Lab) and Laura Gaydos (Priess Lab)
Nov 18: Daniel Kaufman (Crowder Lab) and Scott Leiser (Kaeberlein Lab)
Dec 16: Elizabeth Morton (Queitsch Lab) and Josh Russell (Crowder Lab)
Jan 20: Katherine Manbeck (Miller Lab) and Sarah Pierce
Feb 17: Jill Hoyt (Ailion Lab) and Adam Warner (Waterston Lab)
Mar 17: tbd (Olsen Lab) and Laura Taylor (Kraemer Lab) MTG IN HSB-T478
Apr 21: TBA (Rose Lab) and Ali Saxton (Kraemer Lab)
May 19: Calvin Mok (Waterston Lab) and Piero Lamelza (Ailion Lab)

2013-2014 SWM SCHEDULE
Oct 17: Joe Horsman (Miller Lab) and Amy Eastwood
Nov 21: TBA (Kraemer Lab) and Ithai (Bai Lab)
Dec 19: Elizabeth Morton (Quietsch Lab) and Emily Fawcett (Miller Lab)
Jan 16: Piero Lamelza (Ailion Lab) and Blair Dancy (Olsen Lab)
Feb 20: Stacy Alvares (Miller Lab) and Mario Ruiz (Ailion Lab)
Mar 20: Beverly Dancy (Morgan and Sedensky Lab) and Calvin Mok (Waterston Lab)
Apr 17: (Kraemer Lab) and Jill Hoyt (Ailion Lab)
May 15: Hannah Chapin (Miller/Merz Lab) and Adam Warner (Waterston Lab)

2012-2013 SWM SCHEDULE
Oct 18: Nicole Iranon and Nicki Liachko
Nov 15: Bai Lab and Carissa Olsen
Dec 20: Emily Fawcett and Owen Thompson
Jan 17: Ailion Lab and
Feb 21: Joe Horsman and
Mar 21: Kraemer Lab and Jason Pitt
Apr 18: Irini Topalidou and Jessica Feldman
May 16: Bai Lab and Hannah Chapin

Sept. 15: Dana Miller and Max Boeck
Oct 20: Emily Fawcett and Nicole Liachko
Nov. 17: Jihong Bai and Jessica Feldman
Dec 15: Michael Ailion and Allyson McCormick
Jan 19: CANCELLED! A tragic consequence of snowpocalypse-geddon
Feb 16: Phil Morgan and
Mar 15: George Sutphin and Joe Horsman
Apr 19: Genn Merrihew and Scott Leiser
May 17: Bai Lab (TBN) and Jim Priess

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