Seattle Worm Meeting

This is a meeting of research groups in Seattle that use C. elegans as a model system. Meetings are the third Thursday of every month in the UW Health Sciences Building (HSB) J-wing room 412 (map). Refreshments will be served at 3:30 pm, and talks will start at 4:00 pm. To keep up to date on local worm news, subscribe to the ELEGANS mailing list, and if you would like to participate in the SWM contact Dana.

Seattle Worm Labs
Ailion Lab, UW Dept. Biochemistry
Bai Lab, FHCRC Division of Basic Sciences
Kaeberlein Lab, UW Dept. Pathology
Kraemer Lab,UW Department of Medicine, Gerontology Division
Miller Lab, UW Dept. Biochemistry
Morgan and Sedensky Lab, Children’s Hopital
Olsen Lab, FHCRC Division of Basic Sciences
Priess Lab, FHCRC Division of Basic Sciences
Waterston Lab
, UW Dept. Genome Sciences

We would like to thank Nikon for sponsoring our meeting!


2013-2014 SWM SCHEDULE
Oct 17: Joe Horsman (Miller Lab) and Amy Eastwood
Nov 21: TBA (Kraemer Lab) and Ithai (Bai Lab)
Dec 19: Elizabeth Morton (Quietsch Lab) and Emily Fawcett (Miller Lab)
Jan 16: Piero Lamelza (Ailion Lab) and Blair Dancy (Olsen Lab)
Feb 20: Stacy Alvares (Miller Lab) and Mario Ruiz (Ailion Lab)
Mar 20: Beverly Dancy (Morgan and Sedensky Lab) and Calvin Mok (Waterston Lab)
Apr 17: (Kraemer Lab) and Jill Hoyt (Ailion Lab)
May 15: Hannah Chapin (Miller/Merz Lab) and Adam Warner (Waterston Lab)

PAST MEETINGS______________________________
2012-2013 SWM SCHEDULE
Oct 18: Nicole Iranon and Nicki Liachko
Nov 15: Bai Lab and Carissa Olsen
Dec 20: Emily Fawcett and Owen Thompson
Jan 17: Ailion Lab and
Feb 21: Joe Horsman and
Mar 21: Kraemer Lab and Jason Pitt
Apr 18: Irini Topalidou and Jessica Feldman
May 16: Bai Lab and Hannah Chapin

Sept. 15: Dana Miller and Max Boeck
Oct 20: Emily Fawcett and Nicole Liachko
Nov. 17: Jihong Bai and Jessica Feldman
Dec 15: Michael Ailion and Allyson McCormick
Jan 19: CANCELLED! A tragic consequence of snowpocalypse-geddon
Feb 16: Phil Morgan and
Mar 15: George Sutphin and Joe Horsman
Apr 19: Genn Merrihew and Scott Leiser
May 17: Bai Lab (TBN) and Jim Priess

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