Would you like to join the Miller Lab?

We are always interested in recruiting curious, enthusiastic scientists to our team. Undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows excited by our research projects are encouraged to contact Dana with the information listed below.

Let’s have an awesome time doing science!

Postdoctoral research scientists:
To apply for a position as a postdoctoral fellow, submit a CV, a description of past and future research interests, and the names and contact information for at least three references. Experience with C. elegans model is not required. Describe why you are excited by our research and how you will contribute to our ongoing research program.

Graduate Students: The Miller Lab is affiliated with the University of Washington Graduate Program in Biochemistry, The Molecular and Cellular Biology interdisciplinary program and the Graduate Program in Neurobiology and Behavior. Please apply to one of these programs, and contact Dana to arrange a rotation project. If you would like some general advice on what to expect and how to survive as a graduate student, look here.

Undergraduates: We encourage undergraduates to participate in our research program. Before you contact Dana, take some time to think about what you are hoping to get out of working in the Miller Lab and read this excellent advice from the Merz lab. To apply for a position as an undergraduate research assistant, submit a current CV (including relevant courses you have taken) and a 1-2 paragraph statement about why you want to work in our lab. We are most interested in motivated students that can commit at least two full years to research. Securing funding is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to research.

We are also excited to increase the participation of underrepresented minority undergraduates (from UW and other institutions) and high school students in research. Submit a short statement of why you want to work in the Miller Lab and a list of people (with contact information) who will provide references on your behalf.