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new lab photo

Left to right: Luke, Dana, Nicole, Joe, Emily, Emma, Stacy, Katherine, Sybil, Dani

The Miller Lab at Carkeek Park for a summer cook-out. For more lab photos, see here or find us on Facebook or visit our tumblr.

danaDana Miller
Assistant Professor, Dept. Biochemistry
postdoc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
PhD, The Johns Hopkins University
BS, summa cum laude, University of Denver
See my full CV: DLM_CV_SOM_feb 2017

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Chris Braden (2016-present)
PhD,University of Minnesota Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
BS, summa cum laude, Linfield College

Frazer Heinis (2015-present)
PhD,  University of Minnesota Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
BS, Johns Hopkins University Molecular and Cellular Biology

Stacy Alvares (2013-present)
PhD, University of Washington Molecular and Cellular Biology
SPIRE Scholar, University of North Carolina – check out her profile

Graduate Research Associates
Nicole Iranon (2012-present)

BS, University of Portland
Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB profile)

Research Scientists & Staff
Ellie Garcia
Research Scientist/Engineer I
BS, University of Washington

Luke Milburn (2015-present)
Research Scientist/Engineer I
BS, University of Washington

Nick Terzopoulis (2012-present)
Research Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistants

If you are interested working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Miller Lab, read about how to apply here.

Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Winter 2016 – Fall 2016

Fall 2015 RAs
Corey Coombs (2014 – present) with Joe Horsman
Tiffany Chung (2015 – present) with Stacy Alvares
Christine Yeh (2014 – present) with Stacy Alvares

2014-2015 RAs
Angel Burford (with Hilary Kemp)
David Camacho (with Hilary Kemp)
Megan Okada (with Hannah Chapin)
Soroosh Noorbakhsh, UW Neurobiology (with Stacy Alvares)
Darren Pouv, UW Biochemistry (with Hannah Chapin and Stacy Alvares)
Christine Yeh, UW Biochemistry (with Stacy Alvares)

2014 Summer Amgen Scholars
Jenna Johnson, Luther College (worked with Emily Fawcett)

OK–I got a little behind keeping up with the webpage. Sorry for the break between 2013 and 2015! -dlm

Fall 2013 RAs
Megan Mayer
Jennifer Chou, UW Biochemistry.
Andjela Nemcevic, UW Molecular and Developmental Biology.
Brian Nguyen, UW Biochemistry (Nicole Iranon)

Summer 2013 RA’s
Andjela Nemcevic, UW (worked with Emily Fawcett)
Jennifer Chou, UW (worked with Emily Fawcett)
Brian Nguyen, UW (worked with Nicole Iranon and Emily Fawcett)
Ryan Tam, UW (worked with Joe Horsman)
Brandy Olin, UW (worked with Stacy Alvares)
Courtnee Clough, UW (worked with Stacy Alvares)
Megan Mayer, UW (worked with Hilary Kemp)
Prachi Keni, Lakeside HS (worked with Hannah Chapin and April Reedy)


Sibyl Knopp (2014-2016)
Research Scientist/Engineer I
BA, Willamette University

Dani Vinh (2015-2016)
Research Scientist/Engineer III
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Joe Horsman (2011-2016)
Biochemistry Program
BA, magna cum laude, University of San Diego
PhD, UW Biochemistry

Emily Fawcett (2011-2015)
BS, Saint Mary’s College of Maryland
PhD, UW Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB profile)

Hilary Kemp, PhD (2012-2015)
Research Scientist/Engineer III
PhD, University of Oregon

Katherine Manbeck (2013-2015)
BA, Psychology, University of Minnesota
Graduate Program in Neurobiology and Behavior

Hannah Chapin (2013-2015) – leading our collaboration with the Merz lab.
PhD, Yale

Kate Stoll
Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011
PhD, UW (Biomolecular Structure and Design)
BS, Reed College
Current: AAAS Policy Fellowship at NSF

Read an interview of Kate when she was in the Miller Lab by Ex Laboratorio.

Justin Etzel (2012-2014)
Research Scientist/Engineer I
BA, Biology Willamette University

April Reedy (2012-2013)
PhD, Université Claude Bernard – Lyon

Jill (Groulik) Hoyt
Undergraduate Research Assistant (2010-2012)
B.S. University of Washington, Biochemistry
current: UW graduate program in Biochemistry

Elizabeth Lester
Research Scientist/Engineer I (2010-2011)
PhD, UW (MCB Program)
BA, Grinnell College
Current: AAAS Mass Media Fellowship Program, at Sacramento Bee

Harley Childs
Research Scientist/Engineer I (2010-2011)
BS, University of Washington