The Purpose of the Virtual Workshops

CCCE enables students and faculty at the University of Washington and around the world to work together on projects through a virtual workshop system. These cyberspaces permit groups interested in different topics to exchange information, hold online meetings, share files, work on data sets, and develop other resources. Access to these spaces is extended by invitation from the groups themselves. If you have been invited to join one of the workshops, please follow the instructions below.


Basic Instructions for Accessing the Virtual Workshops

To access the online collaborative spaces below, you will need a password provided by the CCCE. We will e-mail you a password for the particular workshop(s) you wish to join. You also will need to create a Catalyst login.

When you click on one of the links below, you will be brought to a login screen. If you do not have an account, click on the "create new account" link. You will be asked to choose a login name and password, and provide name and email address. Once this is done you will be transported to another screen where you can enter the password provided by the CCCE.

Once inside the collaborative space, you should click on the
preferences button. Here you can set up your email notification preferences for how often you want to be emailed regarding updates to this space. You can choose to be alerted immediately when content is updated, on a weekly or monthly basis, or not at all.

Most features are listed under the "resources" button. From here you can choose to view or upload files and images and post links for people to view.

The other important feature of the virtual workshop is the Group Message Boards. This is a threaded message board meant to facillitate conversation and collaboration. It can be organized by date, subject, sender or thread.

Below are the links to the individual virtual workshops.

Nike Data Set
This workshop is organized around issues related to Nike, sweat shops and strategic communications.

Global Scholars Network
Global scholars are invited to this workshop to share data, surveys, codesheets, etc. In order to sustain this workshop as a growing resource, we ask that each time a researcher takes data from the site, he or she will deposit other data. Currently we are in the process of creating a survey that researchers can download and distribute to activists in the global social justice movement in different nations.

Communicating Global Activism Research Group
This workshop focuses on topics related to the research being conducted by graduate and undergraduate students at the CCCE.

World Economic Forum News Coverage
We created this workshop for researchers involved with the WEF content analysis study.