Human rights-related issues comprise a burgeoning sub-field of scholarship and activism within larger globalization debates and social movements. Below is an evolving list of annotated links to human rights resources .

The University of Washington has become a pioneer in the study of human rights by creating a unique interdisciplinary program called the "Human Rights Education and Research Network" (HRERN). HRERN's mission is to "foster the development of a critical field of inquiry called 'human rights' that investigates the requirements of human dignity and the suffering that follows from its violation." Under the direction of Bruce Kochis, HRERN addresses a series of new and pressing questions that are currently being negotiated on the international political stage and within the consciousness of the world.

Amnesty International is a highly visible and respected NGO that identifies itself as " a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote internationally recognized human rights."

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) "protects and promotes all human rights for all."

Human Rights Watch is an NGO that is "dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world." Supported by private donations, HRW challenges governments to uphold human rights standards by investigating and exposing violations around the world.

Human Rights Internet "is a leader in the exchange of information within the worldwide human rights community." It is "dedicated to the empowerment of human rights activists and organizations, and to the education of governmental and intergovernmental agencies and officials and other actors in the public and private sphere, on human rights issues and the role of civil society."

The AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources provides links to independently maintained human rights sites throughout the Internet.