Research Institutions

The International Corporate Citizenship Research Network is the first international research network in corporate citizenship, formed by leading researchers from Australian, British and American University based research centres. One of the purposes is to invite comment and input from interested individuals or organizations. The websites of the member institutions feature their respective research projects and information on publications, news, conferences and internet resources.

The Center for Corporate Community Relations, Boston College, US
Contact: Barb Altman: email
Responsibility: The Americas

Corporate Citizenship Research Unit, Deakin University, Australia
Contact: Mark Glazebrook email
Responsibility: Australia and Asia

Copenhagen Centre: An autonomous, international institution established by the Danish Government. Focusing on social cohesion, TCC strives to promote voluntary partnerships between business, government and civil society. The website features amongst other things research projects, case studies and a global events calendar.

MORI Corporate Social Responsibility Research: An independent, international market and opinion research agency. Many of the polls it conducts explicitly address corporate social responsibility. Besides the polls this site offers an overview of www-resources and publications.

SRI Studies, developed by an individual (Lloyd Kurtz), is intended as a resource for people interested in the impact of social screening on investment performance. It offers a huge bibliography, a review of relevant works and a great list of studies in the field of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

New Academy of Business: A British-based independent business school, whose purpose is to help change the way business works through education, learning and action. The site offers information on course opportunities, research projects, and initiatives and organizations that deal with Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility in its broadest sense. Most of them are driven by various companies. Lots of information for corporations is offered on these websites. This provides an insight into the business point of view.

The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum: An international organization which promotes responsible business practices internationally that benefit business and society. Its membership consists of more than 65 of the world's leading multinational companies. The website is the portal to CSR. It is a huge database on all issues, programs, events and media reporting in this field.

Business in the Community: An initiative (with a core membership of 700 UK based companies) to promote Business Excellence by encouraging business to measure and report its impact on the environment, workplace, marketplace and the community. The site features the business view on all CSR-related topics, like environmental issues, community involvement or diversity in the workplace. Furthermore information about (case) studies, events, and literature can be found.

Business Impact: The resource site of Business in the Community. It is supposed to help corporations with their CSR efforts and features all the impact areas, CSR-guides as well as self assessment tools for businesses.

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR): A membership organization, based in San Francisco, for companies of all sizes and sectors. It shall help companies to be commercially successful in ways that socially/environmentally responsible. This is reflected in the content of the site: topic overviews, a magazine, resources, information on all issues, news and conferences that deal with CSR. Some services are for members only. Interaction on specific issues in public and private discussion groups possible.

CSR Europe: A business network that should help companies to achieve profitability by placing CSR in their mainstream business practice. Besides news on latest developments in Europe this site offers recent survey data and a huge databank on best practice cases.

The Conference Board: A business membership and research network, linking executives from different companies, industries, and countries. Its purpose is to improve business enterprise and enhance the contribution of business to society. Therefore the site offers information on all relevant councils, conferences, working groups and publications in the area.

The Corporate Citizenship Company: A consulting firm that offers research, consultancy and publications to help businesses with their corporate citizenship efforts. Their website features all kinds of information on the scope of CSR from a business point of view as well as further resources like publications, articles and websites.

The Corporate Responsibility Group: A London based group that wants to act as a forum for corporate professionals working in the field of corporate social responsibility. It is made up of ca. 50 leading companies from the UK. Relevant CSR issues, information on how to establish respective programs and comments on policy are parts of the site.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development: A coalition of 150 international companies committed to sustainable development. Amongst other things the site contains case studies, a newscenter, guides how to develop CSR activities and links to a network of many organizations in the field and their projects all over the world.

Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES): A U.S. coalition of environmental, investor, and advocacy groups working in the area of sustainable development. Information on news, events and publications are included in the page.

Business Partners for Development (BPD): A project-based initiative that studies and promotes strategic examples of partnerships involving business, civil society and government working together for the development of communities around the world. Different areas of activity, like "Water & Sanitation" or "Global Partnership For Youth Development" are closely featured.


CSRwire: The only newswire service devoted solely to CSR issues. Besides news this site has the press releases of relevant organizations and corporations as well as company ratings.


The Centre for Tomorrow's Company: A UK think-tank researching and stimulating the development of a "new agenda for business". The Centre advocates an inclusive approach, focused on establishing and maintaining good stakeholder relationships. This is covered on the website in many articles, speeches and publications.