The concept of Fair Trade emphasizes the need for ethical standards to be established, enforced and adhered to in global trade practices.

A marquee example of a successful activist issue campaign is the campaign for Fair Trade Coffee.

David Iozzi's research of Fair Trade comprises an impressive resource for understanding the mechanics of this campaign. David has thus far produced a map as well as an analysis detailing the links between various organizations interested in supporting responsibly grown and fairly traded coffee. He has also transcribed lectures and secured interviews with important leaders in the sustainable coffee movement. He has also written a paper entitled the Moralization of Coffee that discusses the strategies of the networks and created a Catalog of Sustainable Coffee Network Actors. His interview of Melissa Schweisguth can be found here. David's most recent paper is The Sustainable Coffee Movements in the United States and Denmark: A Comparative Analysis.

An interview of Deborah James, Fair trade Coordinator for Global Exchange, is found here.

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