Even as traditional forms of politcal engagement, such as voting, seem to be waning in the U.S. and elsewhere, new forms of poltical activity are on the rise as new areas of social behavior become politicized. With the targeting of corporate brand logos, in addition to strategic boycotts, activists have made shopping a potentially subversive activitiy. Consequently, consumers can now be considered political in their actions. On this page we will present links to papers and resources pertaining to this new type of politics.

Branded Political Communication: Lifestyle Politics, Logo Campaigns, and the Rise of Global Citizenship
by Lance Bennett

This paper explores the transformation of public roles in global societies as citizens increasingly see their consumer activities as political. Includes examples of logo campaigns that attach political messages to household brands.

Citizen Consumers: Towards a New Marketing of Politics?
by Margaret Scammell

Scheduled to appear in a forthcoming book by John Corner and Dick Pels (eds.), this chapter focuses on political marketing and consumer citizens.

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