Fair Trade Links:

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International:
Major player in the fair-trade movement. "In order to co-ordinate the work of the national initiatives and more efficiently run the monitoring programmes, an umbrella organization, FLO was set up in April 1997. A central responsibility for FLO is to collect data and ensure the audit of all Fairtrade labelled products from the producer to the supermarket shelf. One of its aims is to see the introduction of a single international Fairtrade label. The national initiatives retain responsibility for marketing and promoting Fairtrade in their respective countries." Contains standards for the fair-trade production of coffee, tea, sportsballs, bananas, rice and more.

Equal Exchange
"Equal Exchange was founded in 1986 to create a new approach to trade, one that includes informed consumers, honest and fair trade relationships and cooperative principles. As a worker-owned co-op, we have accomplished this by offering consumers fairly traded gourmet coffee direct from small-scale farmer co-ops in Latin America, Africa and Asia."

Global Exchange, Fair Trade Campaign
Background information on Fair Trade and detailed information on the Fair Trade Coffee campaign from a major NGO.

Fair Trade Federation
Federation of Fair Trade producers, with contact information for those fair trade producers, and online stores of fair trade goods.

Coop America
"Co-op America, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1982, provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems." Contains links to "green" businesses in the "green pages online", fair trade producers, socially responsible investment information, anti-sweatshop initiatives.

The Crafts Center
Seeks to connect small producers in the developing world to consumers in the industrialized world interested in purchasing ethically produced products.

Transfair USA:
United States fair trade certifier. "TransFair USA is the only non-profit certification organization for Fair Trade products in the US. We have a two-fold mission: 1) to increase the availability of Fair Trade Certified products throughout the country by creating partnerships with industry, and 2) to increase consumer awareness about the importance of Fair Trade, thereby building consumer demand for Fair Trade Certified products"

Fair Trade Foundation
UK arm of the Fairtrade Labelling Organization.