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Cancer Prevention and

HPRC facilitates and conducts community-based dissemination research through the Alliance for Reducing Cancer, Northwest (ARCNW) to reduce cancer rates, particularly for low-income and ethnic and cultural minority populations at risk of health inequities.

ARCNW conducts its research primarily through two work groups.

Healthcare Work Group

The healthcare work group focuses on cancer prevention and control research in healthcare settings such as community health centers and health maintenance organizations.

About two-thirds of American adults see a doctor or other health professional at least once every six months, and more than 80% see a doctor or other health professional at least annually. Further, 84% of adults have a usual source of healthcare. Therefore, it is widely recognized that primary healthcare systems are uniquely positioned to increase the use of effective preventive behaviors and practices.

Workplace Work Group

Cancer is a leading cause of death among working-age Americans. Because about 154 million Americans work and most adults spend more time at work than anywhere else, the workplace work group focuses its research on developing policies and workplace programs that foster cancer-preventing behaviors among employees. In addition, because most Americans receive their health insurance through their employers, the workplace work group also seeks to improve the design of health care benefit packages.

Participation in local and national groups

Prevention Research Centers Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN). ARCNW is an active member of CPCRN and collaborates with other members of the network. Recently completed national CPCRN projects include research activities to support the dissemination of the HPV vaccine, and research and training activities to encourage the public health workforce to adopt and implement evidence-based chronic disease prevention interventions.

Washington Comprehensive Cancer Control Partnership (WCCCP). ARCNW director, Dr. Peggy Hannon, participates in the WCCCP steering committee, and ARCNW investigators participate in one or more WCCCP committees and task forces. In addition, ARCNW investigators evaluate WCCCP progress and have provided research support, including literature reviews and studies of cancer screening rates and provider practices.

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Our vision...

Communities and researchers working together to reduce the burden of cancer, especially among disadvantaged populations.

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Cancer Prevention Investigators

Peggy Hannon, PhD, MPH
Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH
Gloria Coronado, PhD
Beverly Green, MD, MPH
Jeffrey R. Harris, MD, MPH, MBA
Ellen Phillips-Angeles, MA, CHES
Amber Talburt, MPA
Shin-Ping Tu, MD, MPH
Steven Zeliadt, PhD, MPH

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