Health Promotion Research Center

These are select scientific journal publications by researchers from the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC).


Not quite a block party: COVID-19 street reallocation programs in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. Firth CL, Baquero B, Berney R, Hoerster KD, Mooney SJ, Winters M (June 2021)

Evidence-Based Interventions and Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates: The Colorectal Cancer Screening Program, 2015-2017. Sharma KP, DeGroff A, Maxwell AE, Cole AM, Escoffery NC, Hannon PA (May 2021)

Optimizing Implementation in Cancer Control (OPTICC): Protocol for an implementation science center. Lewis CC, Hannon PA, Klasnja P, Baldwin LM, Hawkes R, Blackmer J, Johnson A, OPTICC Consortium, represented by Bryan J. Weiner (April 2021)

Involvement of Local Health Departments in Obesity Prevention: A Scoping Review. Petrovskis A, Baquero B, Bekemeier B (March 2021)

Taking Up a New Problem: Context and Determinants of Pod-Mod Electronic Cigarette Use Among College Students. Kava CM, Soule EK, Seegmiller L, Gold E, Snipes W, Westfield T, Wick N, Afifi R (March 2021)

Smoking and cessation behaviors in patients at federally funded health centers – United States, 2014. Trapl ES, VanFrank B, Kava CM, Trinh V, Land SR, Williams RS, Frost E, Babb S (February 2021)

Personal health information management among healthy older adults: Varying needs and approaches. Turner AM, Taylor JO, Hartzler AL, Osterhage KP, Bosold AL, Painter IS, Demiris G (February 2021)


Associations of Depression and Social Isolation Risk Among Adults Age 60 and Older. Smith M, Steinman L, Barrett M, Eagle LA, Lachenmayr S, Belza B (Published online December 2020)

Understanding and Addressing Latinx COVID-19 Disparities in Washington State. Baquero B, Gonzalez C, Ramirez M, Chavez Santos E, Ornelas IJ (Published online October 2020)

Healthy Food Retail during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Future Directions. Leone LA, Fleischhacker S, Anderson-Steeves B, Harper K, Winkler M, Racine E, Baquero B, Gittelsohn J (October 2020)

Increasing Social Connectedness for Underserved Older Adults Living With Depression: A Pre-Post Evaluation of PEARLS. Steinman L, Parrish A, Mayotte C, Bravo Acevedo P, Torres E, Markova M, Boddie M, Lachenmayr S, Montoya CN, Parker L, Conton-Pelaez E, Silsby J, Snowden M (October 2020)

A Model Depicting the Retail Food Environment and Customer Interactions: Components, Outcomes, and Future Directions. Winkler MR, Zenk SN, Baquero B, Steeves EA, Fleischhacker SE, Gittelsohn J, Leone LA, Racine EF (October 2020)

Training the next generation of aging and cognitive health researchers. Croff R, Tang W, Friedman DB, Balbim GM, Belza B (September 2020)

Using a Social Capital Framework to Explore a Broker’s Role in Small Employer Wellness Program Uptake and Implementation. Thornton M, Hammerback K, Abraham JM, Brosseau L, Harris JR, Linnan LA (September 2020)

The Workplace Support for Health Scale: Reliability and Validity of a Brief Scale to Measure Employee Perceptions of Wellness. Kava CM, Passey D, Harris JR Chan KCG, Hannon PA (August 2020)

Terms and Measures of Cognitive Health Associated With Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Scoping Review. Quinn K, Miyawaki CE, Croff R, Vogel MT, Belza B, Souza AM, Liu M, Edwards VJ, Friedman DB (Published online March 2020)

Evaluation of Public Health Messages Promoting Early Detection of Dementia Among Adult Latinos With a Living Older Adult Parental Figure. Balbim GM, Maldonado AM, Early A, Steinman L, Harkins K, Marquez, DX (Published online March 2020)

Development of a Wellness Committee Implementation Index for Workplace Health Promotion Programs in Small Businesses. Brown MC, Harris JR, Hammerback K, Kohn MJ, Parrish AT, Chan GK, Ornelas IJ, Helfrich CD, Hannon PA (Published online February 2020)

Use of Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes and Dual Use Among Adult Employees in the US Workplace. Kava CM, Hannon PA, Harris JR (February 2020)


Local Health Jurisdiction Staff Deliver Health Promotion to Small Worksites, Washington. Harris JR, Hammerback K, Brown M, Ryan DE, Coe NB, Pike KJ, Santiago PM, Hannon PA (Published online November 2019)

Patient navigator reported patient barriers and delivered activities in two large federally-funded cancer screening programs. Barrington WE, DeGroff A, Melillo S, Vu T, Cole A, Escoffery C, Askelson N, Seegmiller L, Gonzalez SK, Hannon P (Published online October 2019)

Disseminating Evidence-Based Interventions in Small, Low-Wage Worksites: A Randomized Controlled Trial in King County, Washington (2014-2017). Hannon PA, Hammerback K, Kohn MJ, Kava CM, Gary Chan KC, Parrish AT, Allen C, Helfrich CD, Mayotte C, Beresford SA, Harris JR (Published online October 2019)

The Role of Medical Tourism in Cancer Screening among Korean Immigrant Women. Jang SH, Lee EJ, Lim J, Hannon PA, Vu T, Taylor VM, Ko LK (September 2019)

Partnerships for Blood Pressure Control in Washington State, December 2016-July 2017. Vogel MT, Petrescu-Prahova M, Steinman L, Clegg-Thorp C, Farmer C, Sarliker SE, Baldwin LM (Published online June 2019)

A multi-site case study of community-clinical linkages for promoting HPV vaccination. Brandt HM, Vanderpool RC, Curry SJ, Farris P, Daniel-Ulloa J, Seegmiller L, Stradtman LR, Vu T, Taylor V, Zubizarreta M (Published online June 2019)

Building community-clinical linkages to increase older adult physical activity: The PT-REFER trial protocol and participant baseline characteristics. Petrescu-Prahova M, Kohn M, Leroux B, Steinman L, Fishleder S, Pike M, Kava CM, Belza B, Schrodt L, Hannon PA, Harris JR (May 2019)

Workplace health promotion and safety in state and territorial health departments in the United States: a national mixed-methods study of activity, capacity, and growth opportunities. Linnan LA, Leff MS, Martini MC, Walton AL, Baron S, Hannon PA, Abraham J, Studer M (March 2019)

What Types of Physical Function Predict Program Adherence in Older Adults? Liu M, Miyawaki CE (Published online January 2019)


“We brought our culture here with us”: A qualitative study of perceptions of HPV vaccine and vaccine uptake among East African immigrant mothers. Ko LK, Taylor VM, Mohamed FB, Do HH, Gebeyaw FA, Ibrahim A, Ali AA, Winer RL (Published online December 2018)

Community readiness assessment for disseminating evidence-based physical activity programs to older adults in Changsha, China: a case for Enhance®Fitness. Liu M, Zhang X, Xiao J, Ge F, Tang S, Belza B (Published online October 2018)

Experiences of caregivers by care recipient’s health condition: A study of caregivers for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias versus other chronic conditions. Tang W, Friedman DB, Kannaley K, Davis RE, Wilcox S, Levkoff SE, Hunter RH, Gibson A, Logsdon RG, Irmiter C, Belza B (Published online October 2018)

Supporting the Health of Low Socioeconomic Status Employees: Qualitative Perspectives From Employees and Large Companies. Parrish AT, Hammerback K, Hannon PA, Mason C, Wilkie MN, Harris JR (July 2018)

Predictors of Improvement in Physical Function in Older Adults in an Evidence-Based Physical Activity Program (EnhanceFitness). Fishleder S, Petrescu-Prahova M, Harris JR, Leroux B, Bennett K, Helfrich CD, Kohn M, Hannon P (Published online July 2018)

The Role of Managers in Employee Wellness Programs: A Mixed-Methods Study. Passey DG, Hammerback K, Huff A, Harris JR, Hannon PA (Published online April 2018)

Managers’ Support for Employee Wellness Programs: An Integrative Review. Passey DG, Brown MC, Hammerback K, Harris JR, Hannon PA (Published online April 2018)

Comparing Strategies for Recruiting Small, Low-Wage Worksites for Community-Based Health Promotion Research. Hammerback K, Hannon PA, Parrish AT, Allen C, Kohn MJ, Harris JR (Published online April 2018)

Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease in Asian American and Pacific Islander Older Adults: An Action Guide for Service Providers. Eller N, Belza B (April 2018)

Readiness to Change Over Time: Change Commitment and Change Efficacy in a Workplace Health-Promotion Trial. Helfrich CD, Kohn MJ, Stapleton A, Allen CL, Hammerback KE, Chan KCG, Parrish AT, Ryan DE, Weiner BJ, Harris JR, Hannon PA (April 2018)

Challenges Implementing Lung Cancer Screening in Federally Qualified Health Centers. Zeliadt SB, Hoffman RM, Birkby G, Eberth JM, Brenner AT, Reuland DS, Flocke SA (Published online February 2018)

Two Medicaid health plans’ models and motivations for improving colorectal cancer screening rates. Coury JK, Schneider JL, Green BB, Baldwin LM, Petrik AF, Rivelli JS, Schwartz MR, Coronado GD (Published online 2018)


Conflicts of Interest and Distribution of Resources to Community Partners: An Organizational Ethics Dilemma. Cole AM, Baldwin LM, Keppel GA, Kuwana E, Mollis BL, Wilfond BS (2017)

Low-Fat Dietary Pattern and Breast Cancer Mortality in the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial. Chlebowski RT, Aragaki AK, Anderson GL, Thomson CA, Manson JE, Simon MS, Howard BV, Rohan TE, Snetselar L, Lane D, Barrington W, Vitolins MZ, Womack C, Qi L, Hou L, Thomas F, Prentice RL (Published online June 2017)

The Northwest Participant and Clinical Interactions Network: Increasing opportunities for patients to participate in research across the Northwestern United States. Baldwin LM, Hassell L, Laukes C, Doyle M, Reedy A, Mollis B, Albritton S, Ciemins E, Coker R, Brant J, Tuttle KR, Baker L, Ramsey B (Published online April 2017)

Concern about developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and intention to be screened: An analysis of national survey data. Tang W, Kannaley K, Friedman DB, Edwards VJ, Wilcox S, Levkoff SE, Hunter RH, Irmiter C, Belza B (Published online March 2017)

Enhance ® Fitness Dissemination and Implementation,: 2010-2015: A Scoping Review. Petrescu-Prahova MG, Eagen TJ, Fishleder SL, Belza B (March 2017)

A Scoping Review of Physical Performance Outcome Measures Used in Exercise Interventions for Older Adults With Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias. McGough EL, Lin SY, Belza B, Becofsky KM, Jones DL, Liu M, Wilcox S, Logsdon RG (March 2017)


Coordinating Care for Falls via Emergency Responders: A Feasibility Study of a Brief At-Scene Intervention. Phelan EA, Herbert J, Fahrenbruch C, Stubbs BA, Meischke H (December 2016)

Anxiety and Depression Mediate the Relationship Between Perceived Workplace Health Support and Presenteeism: A Cross-sectional Analysis. Laing SS, Jones SM (November 2016)

Promoting Influenza Vaccination to Restaurant Employees. Graves MC, Harris JR, Hannon PA, Hammerback K, Parrish AT, Ahmed F, Zhou C, Allen CL (September 2016)

Implementation and Maintenance of a Community-Based Older Adult Physical Activity Program. Petrescu-Prahova M, Belza B, Kohn M, Miyawaki C (August 2016)

Community Interagency Connections for Immigrant Worker Health Interventions, King County, Washington State, 2012-2013. Tsai JH, Petrescu-Prahova M (June 2016)

Champions of an Older Adult Exercise Program: Believers, Promoters, and Recruiters. Miyawaki CE, Belza B, Kohn MJ, Petrescu-Prahova M (Published Online April 2016)

HealthLinks randomized controlled trial: Design and baseline results. Hannon PA, Hammerback K, Allen CL, Parrish AT, Chan KG, Kohn MJ, Teague S, Beresford SA, Helfrich CD, Harris JR (Published Online March 2016)


Promoting Employee Health Through an American Cancer Society Program, The CEOs Challenge, Washington State, 2013-2015. Harris JR, Parrish AT, Kohn M, Hammerback K, McMillan B, Hannon PA (December 2015)

A multilevel health promotion intervention in minority-owned workplaces. Bowen DJ, Briant KJ, Harris J, Hannon P, Buchwald D (December 2015)

A Pilot Study of Determinants of Ongoing Participation in EnhanceFitness: A Community-Based Group Exercise Program for Older Adults. Gillette DB, Petrescu-Prahova M, Herting JR, Belza B (December 2015)

Using Diverse Communication Strategies to Re-Engage Relapsed Tobacco Quitline Users in Treatment, New York State, 2014. Carlini B, Miles L, Doyle S, Celestino P, Koutsky J (October 2015)

Feasibility of Workplace Health Promotion for Restaurant Workers, Seattle, 2012. Allen CL, Hammerback K, Harris JR, Hannon PA, Parrish AT (October 2015)

Patient Navigation in a Colorectal Cancer Screening Program. Escoffery C, Fernandez ME, Vernon SW, Liang S, Maxwell AE, Allen JD, Dwyer A, Hannon PA, Kohn M, DeGroff A (October 2015)

A community-driven hypertension treatment group in rural Honduras. Reiger S, Harris JR, Chan KC, Oqueli HL, Kohn M (September 2015)

Mall Walking Program Environments, Features, and Participants: A Scoping Review. Farren L, Belza B, Allen P, Brolliar S, Brown DR, Cormier ML, Janicek S, Jones DL, King DK, Marquez DX, Rosenberg DE (August 2015)

Public perceptions about risk and protective factors for cognitive health and impairment: a review of the literature. Friedman DB, Becofsky K, Anderson LA, Bryant LL, Hunter RH, Ivey SL, Belza B, Logsdon RG, Brannon S, Vandenberg AE, Lin SY (August 2015)

It Could Be a Pearl to You: Exploring Recruitment and Retention of the Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) With Hard-to-Reach Populations. Steinman L, Hammerback K, Snowden M (August 2015)

Participant Variation by Delivery Site Type in an Evidence-Based Physical Activity Program. Kohn MJ, Belza B, Petrescu-Prahova M, Miyawaki CE, Hohman KH (July 2015)

Perspectives on Workplace Health Promotion Among Employees in Low-Wage Industries. Hammerback K, Hannon PA, Harris JR, Clegg-Thorp C, Kohn M, Parrish A (July 2015)

Participation in Older Adult Physical Activity Programs and Risk for Falls Requiring Medical Care, Washington State, 2005-2011. Greenwood-Hickman MA, Rosenberg DE, Phelan EA, Fitzpatrick AL(June 2015)

Existing data sets to support studies of dementia or significant cognitive impairment and comorbid chronic conditions. Bell JF, Fitzpatrick AL, Copeland C, Chi G, Steinman L, Whitney RL, Atkins DC, Bryant LL, Grodstein F, Larson E, Logsdon R, Snowden M (June 2015)

Built environment attributes related to GPS measured active trips in mid-life and older adults with mobility disabilities. Gell NM, Rosenberg DE, Carlson J, Kerr J, Belza B (April 2015)

The Effects of EnhanceFitness (EF) training on dual-task walking in older adults. Agmon M, Kelly VE, Logsdon RG, Nguyen H, Belza B (April 2015)

Process evaluation of a regional public health model to reduce chronic disease through policy and systems changes, Washington State, 2010-2014. Walkinshaw LP, Mason C, Allen CL, Vu T, Nandi P, Santiago PM, Hannon PA (March 2015)

Perceived workplace health support is associated with employee productivity. Chen L, Hannon PA, Laing SS, Kohn MJ, Clark K, Pritchard S, Harris JR (February 2015)

Assessment of training and technical assistance needs of Colorectal Cancer Control Program Grantees in the U.S. Escoffery C, Hannon P, Maxwell AE, Vu T, Leeman J, Dwyer A, Mason C, Sowles S, Rice K, Gressard L (January 2015)

Development and Pilot Test of the Workplace Readiness Questionnaire, a Theory-Based Instrument to Measure Small Workplaces’ Readiness to Implement Wellness Programs. Hannon PA, Helfrich CD, Chan KG, Allen CL, Hammerback K, Kohn MJ, Parrish AT, Weiner BJ, Harris JR (January 2015)

Workplace Stress and Working from Home Influence Depressive Symptoms Among Employed Women with Young Children. Shepherd-Banigan M, Bell JF, Basu A, Booth-LaForce C, Harris JR (Published Online 2015)

Earlier Notable Publications

The cancer prevention and control research network: An interactive systems approach to advancing cancer control implementation research and practice. Fernández ME, Melvin CL, Leeman J, Ribisl KM, Allen JD, Kegler MC, Bastani R, Ory MG, Risendal BC, Hannon PA, Kreuter MW, Hebert JR (November 2014)

Promotion and provision of colorectal cancer screening: a comparison of colorectal cancer control program grantees and nongrantees, 2011-2012. Maxwell AE, Hannon PA, Escoffery C, Vu T, Kohn M, Vernon SW, DeGroff A (October 2014)

Health promotion in smaller workplaces in the United States. Harris JR, Hannon PA, Beresford SA, Linnan LA, McLellan DL (Published Online January 2014)

Translating PEARLS: Lessons Learned from Providers and Participants. Snowden MB, Steinman LE, Piering P, Rigor S, Yip A (Published Online 2014)

Implementation and process evaluation of a workplace colorectal cancer screening program in eastern Washington. Hannon PA, Vu T, Ogdon S, Fleury EM, Yette E, Wittenberg R, Celedonia M, Bowen DJ (March 2013)

A framework for disseminating evidence-based health promotion practices. Harris JR, Cheadle A, Hannon PA, Forehand M, Lichiello P, Mahoney E, Snyder S, Yarrow J (2012)

Implementation of an evidence-based depression care management program (PEARLS): perspectives from staff and former clients. Steinman L, Cristofalo M, Snowden M (April 2012)

Increasing evidence-based workplace health promotion best practices in small and low-wage companies, Mason County, Washington, 2009. Laing SS, Hannon PA, Talburt A, Kimpe S, Williams B, Harris JR (April 2012)

Long-term outcomes from the PEARLS randomized trial for the treatment of depression in patients with epilepsy. Chaytor N, Ciechanowski P, Miller JW, Fraser R, Russo J, Unutzer J, Gilliam F (March 2011)

PEARLS depression treatment for individuals with epilepsy: a randomized controlled trial. Ciechanowski P, Chaytor N, Miller J, Fraser R, Russo J, Unutzer J, Gilliam F (November 2010)

Employer adoption of evidence-based chronic disease prevention practices: a pilot study. Harris JR, Cross J, Hannon PA, Mahoney E, Ross-Viles S (July 2008)

Community-based treatment of late life depression an expert panel-informed literature review. Frederick JT, Steinman LE, Prohaska T, Satariano WA, Bruce M, Bryant L, Ciechanowski P, Devellis B, Leith K, Leyden KM, Sharkey J, Simon GE, Wilson N, Unützer J, Snowden M, Late Life Depression Special Interest Project Panelists (September 2007)

Community-integrated home-based depression treatment in older adults: a randomized controlled trial. Ciechanowski P, Wagner E, Schmaling K, Schwartz S, Williams B, Diehr P, Kulzer J, Gray S, Collier C, LoGerfo J (April 2004)