May 1, 2024

Navigating workplace wellness post-pandemic: Insights from low-wage employers and their employees

Kenzie Lock

Low-wage worksite gathered for lunch in the cafeteria.

Researchers from Connect to Wellness (CtW) conducted a comprehensive study to assess the evolving needs of both employers and employees post pandemic.

April 23, 2024

“Partnership for the Life Course of Research”: Promoting Diversity in Alzheimer’s Research 

Kenzie Lock

Three people sit at a table during a Brain Health fair to do cognitive testing.

The University of Washington’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) partnered with the Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC) to address the underrepresentation of Hispanic/Latino individuals in Alzheimer’s research.

PEARLS spotlighted in Harvard’s Public Health in Action series 

Kenzie Lock

PEARLS participant and PEARLS coach talk.

The UW HPRC PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives) intervention was highlighted in the “Public Health in Action: Mental Health Innovations” series curated by the Harvard’s Public Health Magazine and Harvard Chan Studio.

April 18, 2024

Measuring Physical Activity: The global reach of the RAPA

Kenzie Lock

Older adult couple walks in a park.

The Rapid Assessment for Physical Activity (RAPA) helps researchers, students and public health providers across the globe gather accurate data.

March 20, 2024

ROSSEY Community Brief

Kenzie Lock

Over the past three years the ReOpening Schools Safely and Educating Youth (ROSSEY) project has provided Yakima schools with information about COVID-19 to help students continue to stay safe at school. This Community Brief shares what HPRC, the Yakima School District and the Center for Community Health Promotion have learned during the project.

January 12, 2024

“Moving Beyond Listening”: Anti-Racism Work at HPRC

Kenzie Lock

Community Advisory Board Members: Winona Hollins-Hauge, G De Castro, Mary Mitchell, George Dicks, John Kim, Dian Ferguson.

HPRC’s Change Team sought input and gathered feedback from HPRC’s Community Advisory Board members on anti-racist work. “I’d like to see some joy in this. Focus more on the strengths of this community, the resilience of this community… I want community to be invited, not you [to] bring something to them because [they’re] sick.” 

Bridging Trust and Understanding: The Making of a Community-Centered COVID-19 Communications Toolkit

Kenzie Lock

Bruce Bello, Maria Serrano, Barbara Baquero, Juan Gudino, Miriam Flores, KeliAnne Hara-Hubbard, Najma Abdi and Olivia Hicks

To address the challenge of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, Baquero, Hara-Hubbard, community partners and their team created a community-tailored COVID-19 Communications Toolkit. “Understanding the community and the cultural community you’re working with is a skill and it’s a key component of being able to do meaningful work and strengthen partnerships,” said Hara-Hubbard.

Najma Mohamed and Lesley Steinman Awarded Tier 1 Pilot Award

Kenzie Lock

Najma Mohamed and Lesley Steinman

Mohamed and Steinman were recently awarded a Tier 1 Pilot Award by the University of Washington Population Health Initiative. The two aim to, “[center] the voices and experiences of the social service workforce and participants,” said Steinman.

December 6, 2023

Sherry Wu (MPH ’23) Awarded APHA’s Masters Student Research Award in Aging and Public Health

Kenzie Lock

Sherry Wu

Sherry Wu, Research Coordinator and UW alum, has been awarded the 2023 Masters Student Research Award in Aging and Public Health. Wu says, “Our society’s emphasis on productivity categorizes older adults as less desirable. But the experiences and wisdom of older adults are invaluable, and they have a right to fulfilling and healthy lives.”

June 24, 2023

Early Learning Community Brief

Travis Ballstadt

The Early Learning (EL) study is happening at the same time as the larger ROSSEY study in all YSD elementary schools. Families enrolled in the EL study will receive health education materials this summer. Here is what we’ve learned so far about our EL participating families!

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