Health Promotion Research Center

The University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) is making an impact across the country and our home-state of Washington. Our researchers collaborate with community partners to promote the health and well-being of middle-aged and older adults, particularly those with lower incomes and/or in underserved populations who are more likely to experience health disparities.

Our research includes a broad range of health promotion topics, including healthy aging, cancer prevention and control, workplace health, physical activity, depression management, and brain health.

Our Impact

Below is some of our impact and reach across the country and Washington state through 2021.

PEARLS: Older Adult Health Promotion & Mental Health

The Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) is a late-life depression care management program for older adults that combines education about depression, coordination with primary care physicians, and skill building for happier, healthier, and more independent lives.



11,300+ older adults
142 organizations
28 states

Washington State

1970+ older adults
14 organizations
6 counties

Washington state map with six counties colored in purple to represent PEARLS being there.

“I was suffering bitterly. I was very depressed. I had lost my zeal for life. Now my depression has diminished. I’m ready to face life’s challenges.”

– Yolanda, PEARLS participant


Enhance®Fitness: Older Adult Health Promotion & Physical Activity

Enhance®Fitness is a community-based exercise program for older adults at all fitness levels to become more active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives.

Enhance®Fitness Reach


102,090+ people
1,509 sites
456 organizations
47 states + D.C.

Washington State

19,520 people
181 sites
98 organizations
18 counties

Washington state map with 18 counties colored in red to represent EnhanceFitness.

“Since participating in the exercise program, I am able to get up and out of the tub using only one arm … I can now do more household chores than previously.”

– Enhance®Fitness participant


Workplace Wellness

Connect to Wellness is a workplace wellness program that provides support for Washington state’s small and midsize employers in their efforts to create healthier workplaces.

Connect to Wellness Reach


41,144 employees
221 companies
6 states

Washington State

38,425 employees
210 companies
11 counties

Washington state map with 11 counties colored in orange to represent Connect to Wellness.

“This program really works. It’s one-stop shopping for everything a worksite needs to hit the health behaviors most relevant to improving employee well-being.”

– Kitsap Public Health District staff member


Cancer Prevention & Control

Our goal is to reduce the burden of cancer, particularly for low-income and/or underserved populations who are more likely to experience health disparities. We participate in the CDC Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network through the regional collaboration known as the Alliance for Reducing Cancer, Northwest (ARC NW). This alliance is based at the UW Health Promotion Research Center, although its members and partners are from multiple regional organizations.

Alliance for Reducing Cancer, Northwest Reach

Numbers through 2021 to come.