Tateuchi East Asia Library Oral History Project at the University of Washington

History through Memories and Stories:
Exploring Seattle’s Chinese Immigrant Experiences

This oral history project documents the life and experiences of Seattle’s Chinese immigrant community from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other areas of the world. Chinese immigrants came from very diverse social and economic backgrounds. Their decisions to come to the U.S. and their American experiences were significantly shaped by the political, economic, and social developments of their times. This project aims to create an archive for use by future scholars that provides a balanced representation of the various groups of Chinese immigrants from different geographical areas and historical periods.

August Community Forum 2019 八月社區論壇

We were honored to have Dr. Fu Hsiung Shen 沈富雄醫生 as the featured speaker of our community forum. Dr. Shen is a UW alumnus and retired faculty of School of Medicine. He’s also a political activist and famous public speaker in Taiwan.