Mr. Wen-Kai Lee 李文凱先生

Oral History Interview with Mr. Wen-Kai Lee

The Oral History Interview with Mr.Wen-Kai Lee (李文凱) was taken on Jan 29th, at the narrator’s home. This interview was about 67 minutes. Mr. John Chou (周召亮) worked as the interviewer.

20150129 Lee_01(Narrator Mr. Wen-Kai Lee 口述者李文凱先生)

20150129 Lee_04(Interview with Mr. Wen-Kai Lee 李文凱先生接受採訪)

20150129 Lee_12(Interviewer Mr. John Chou and Narrator Mr. Wen-Kai Lee 採訪者周召亮先生與口述者李文凱先生)