Mr. Bill Lee 先生

Oral History Interview of Mr. Bill Lee
Bill Lee 先生口述歷史採訪

The Oral History Project Team is pleased to announce that the interview of Mr. Bill Lee 先生 was completed on March 8th, 2018 at the interviewer’s residence. Mrs. Agnes Lee (吳宗鳳女士) worked as the interviewer, and Ms. Juan Luo (羅娟小姐) worked as the photographer.

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Narrator Mr. Bill Lee
口述者Bill Lee 先生

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Interview of Mr. Bill Lee by Mrs. Agnes Lee
Bill Lee 先生接受吳宗鳳女士採訪

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Narrator Mr. Bill Lee and Interviewer Mrs. Agnes Lee
口述者Bill Lee 先生與採訪者吳宗鳳女士