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About Community Forum

Each month the University of Washington East Asia Library hosts a Community Forum for members of Seattle’s Taiwanese and Chinese community. These forums have multiple purposes. They are an opportunity for the community members to share their stories and experiences with one another, to receive updates on the progress of the History Through Memories and Stories project and contribute their insights, and to learn from and exchange knowledge with guest speakers—who may be academics, oral historians, and community leaders with relevant specialized knowledge. The event is held in Mandarin Chinese and is open to the public. Tea and snacks are provided.

May Community Forum 2018

Listening to the Call From My Homeland

Dr. Shyu-tu Lee (李學圖博士)

We were honored to have Dr. Shyu-tu Lee (李學圖博士) as the featured speaker of our community forum on May 20th. Dr. Lee not only shared his life stories about his career in information technology management but also shared his experience as a productive writer.IMG_9004