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Mr. Richard Ma 馬良棟先生

Oral History Interview with Mr. Richard Ma


The Oral History Interview with Mr. Richard Ma (馬良棟先生) was taken on June 27, 2018 and July 17, 2018.
Ms. Juan Luo (羅娟女士) worked as the interviewer, Ms. Hsinyu Tso and Ms. Rainbow Huang worked as the Producers.IMG_1415

Mr. James C. Tsai 蔡敬仁先生

Oral History Interview of Mr. James C. Tsai


The Oral History Interview of Mr. James C. Tsai (蔡敬仁先生) was taken on April 9, 2018, at Bellevue, WA.
Mr. Peter Lin (林博智先生) and Ms.Yeen-Mei Wu (吳燕美女士) worked as the interviewers and Ms. Juan Luo (羅娟小姐) worked as the Producer.

photos 025Narrator Mr. James C. Tsai

photos 030

Narrator Mr. James C. Tsai and Interviewers Mr. Peter Lin and Ms.Yeen-Mei Wu

Dr. Shyu-tu Lee 李學圖博士

Oral History Interview of Dr. Shyu-tu Lee

The Oral History Project Team is pleased to announce that the interview of Dr. Shyu-tu Lee (李學圖先博士) and was completed on March 15th, 2018 at East Asia Library. Mr. John Chou (周昭亮先生) worked as the interviewer. Ms. Juan Luo (羅娟女士) and Ms. Hsinyu Tso (左芯瑜女士) worked as the photographers.

photos 003
Interview of Dr. Shyu-Tu Lee by Mr. John Chou

photos 033
From right to left, Mrs. Margaret Lee and narrator Dr. Shyu-tu Lee, and Mr. John Chou, producer Ms. Hsinyu Tso. Photographer: Ms. Juan Luo(羅娟女士)

Four books written by Dr. Shyu-tu Lee.

Mr. Oscar Pong 彭啟聰先生

Oral History Interview of Mr. Oscar Pong

The Oral History Interview of Mr. Oscar Pong (彭啟聰先生) was taken on March 12th 2018, at Residence Inn by Marriott Seattle University District. Mr. Peter Lin (林博智先生) worked as the interviewer and Ms. Juan Luo (羅娟小姐) worked as the photographer.

photos 023Narrator Mr. Oscar Pong
photos 005

Interview of Mr. Oscar Pong by Mr. Peter Lin

photos 033

Narrator Mr. Oscar Pong and Interviewer Mr. Peter Lin