Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang 梁文薔女士

Oral History Interview of Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang

The Oral History Interview of Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang (梁文薔女士) was taken on July 25th, at the narrator’s residence. This interview was about 60min. Mr. David Chow (周步岳先生) worked as the interviewer.
2.picNarrator Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang 口述者梁文薔女士

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 Interview of Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang by Mr. David Chow

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Interviewer Mr. David Chow, Narrator Ms. Liang Wen-Chiang, Photographers Ms. Danniya Ai and Mr. Shiming Shen

採訪者周步岳先生, 口述者梁文薔女士,錄像者艾丹妮娅,沈士茗