An In-Depth Study to Categorize Pacific Northwest Highway Project Types as a Way to Enhance Future Investigative Study on Contract Administration Practices and Performance

PI: George Okere (WSU),, ORCID: 0000-0002-0727-9038

Co PIs: none

AMOUNT & MATCH: $40,000 from PacTrans; $40,000 Salary Match

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: 8/16/2017 – 8/15/2019

STATUS: In Review

CATEGORIES: Highways, Metrics



FINAL PROJECT REPORT: will be available once completed

PROJECT DATA: will be available once completed

DESCRIPTION: The objective of this research is to develop a classification system for project types using data from Pacific Northwest DOTs on projects that are completed, active and awaiting execution. The classification system will be based on several dimensions such as type of system, geographical location, controlling scope of work, level of complexity, contractual constraint, project delivery method, and other set parameters. Such standardization could improve validity of research findings, and deeply enhance research and practice on highway projects within the Pacific Northwest and the entire U.S.

This is an in-depth analysis of Pacific Northwest highway projects within the last five years. Working with data gathered from the state DOTs, a criteria will be developed for categorizing different project types based on a set of dimensions and measures. A final review will be conducted by the state DOTs to validate and verify that projects are correctly mapped, and if necessary, refine the grouping to accommodate gaps.

Research Project Progress Report #1 4/10/2018 3/28/2018
Research Project Progress Report #2 10/10/2018 N/A
Research Project Progress Report #3 4/10/2019 N/A
No Cost Extension Request 6/15/2019
Draft Report 6/15/2019 7/13/2018
Final Project Report 8/15/2019