Characterization of Underserved Population Perceptions and Mobility Needs in Connected-Vehicle and Smarter City Environments – Phase IV

PI: Ahmed Abdel Rahim (UI),, ORCID: 0000-0001-9756-554X

Co PIs: David Hurwitz (OSU), Billy Connor (UAF), Eric Jessup (WSU), Jeff Ban (UW)

AMOUNT & MATCH: $175,000 from PacTrans; $175,000 Match

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: 8/16/2020 – 8/15/2022

STATUS: Active

CATEGORIES: Outreach, Equity, Underserved Populations, Smart Cities, Connected Technology



FINAL PROJECT REPORT: will be available once completed

PROJECT DATA: will be available once completed

DESCRIPTION: The scope of work for this project involves two tasks. The objective of the first task is to map PacTrans Research Outcome to the Center’s Theme Areas. The project PIs will review the final reports for completed projects at their institutions and interview researchers to identify the short-term and long-term impacts of the research and map the research outcome to the four Center’s themes. As part of this step, the research outcome for each research will be classified into different categories: solution to existing problems, new methods and innovations, policy-focused research, national or regional focus, etc. The result if this task activities will be used to develop an integrated research outcome database. In the second project task, this database will be used to determine the content of the different outreach materials, considering the target audience and stakeholders, the message to be advocated. Different communication tools and channels will be identified and utilized as part of the project, including detailed technical briefs (paper and web-based format), short videos, webinars, different networking initiatives (social media, research blogs, etc.).

Research Project Progress Report #1 4/10/2021
Research Project Progress Report #2 10/10/2021
Research Project Progress Report #3 4/10/2022
Draft Report 6/15/2022
Final Project Report 8/15/2022