Multi Institution Projects

Mitigation of Roadway Crashes in the Pacific Northwest through Coordinated K-9 Outreach – Phase 3

PI: David Hurwitz (OSU),

Co PIs: Linda Boyle (UW), Leila Hajibabai (WSU), Ahmed Abdel-Rahim (UI), Nathan Belz (UAF)

AMOUNT & MATCH: $165,000 from PacTrans; $165,000 from Salary Match

DATES: 12/15/2016 – 1/31/2018

STATUS: Active Read More

Safety Data Management and Analysis: Assessing the Continuing Education Needs for the Pacific Northwest, Analysis of Options – Phase 2

PI: Kevin Chang (UAF),
Dates: 12/16/2015 – 12/15/2016

Recent advancements in data collection capabilities have allowed transportation-related agencies to collect mountains of safety data. There is an immediate need to find out what types of safety data are being collected, what types of safety analysis can be done with the collected data, and what (other) types of safety data and analysis approaches are required to meet the
safety objectives. Read More

Mitigation of Lane Departure Crashes in the Pacific Northwest through Coordinated Outreach – Phase 2

PI: David Hurwitz (OSU),
Dates: 12/16/2015 – 12/15/2016

Raise the awareness of the traveling public about the risks regarding lane departure crashes through a student video/media competition to encourage safer driving practices in the Pacific Northwest region.

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Enhancing Safe Traffic Operations Using Connected Vehicles Data and Technologies

PI: Zhibin Li (UW),
Dates: 12/16/2015-12/15/2016

The ultimate goal of the proposed research is to use connected vehicles (CVs) data and technologies to improve traffic safety on mixed-use roadway networks (e.g., freeways and intersections). This goal is relevant to all three themes of PacTrans, namely Technological Impacts on Safety, safe travel on mixed-use roads, and Performance Evaluation of Safety Projects.

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An Examination of the Impact of Increasing Commercial Parking Utilization on Cyclist Safety in Urban Environments

PI: David S. Hurwitz (OSU),
Dates: 12/16/2015-12/15/2016

The overarching goal of this project is to improve both cyclist safety and commercial parking utilization in urban environments. To support this goal, this project will test the impacts of different striping, signage, and infrastructure on cyclist behavior around commercial vehicle (truck) loading zones and will determine the implications for cyclist safety.

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