Alligator's Allergy




Read a story together about Alicia Alligator, who becomes allergic to plants. She learns she must avoid the things she is allergic to in order to stay healthy. Compare this to PKU. Although PKU is technically not an allergy, it does involve avoidance of certain foods. This similarity provides children with an easy explanation of the PKU diet for others.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • recognize the similarities between allergies and PKU
  • recognize the differences between allergies and PKU
  • name one tip that would be helpful for a person with PKU



Read the story Alligator's Allergy together. Let the children take turns reading through the story out loud.

Discuss the story with the children, with questions such as:

  • What is an allergy?
  • What types of things can a person be allergic to?
  • What is PKU?
  • How is an allergy similar to PKU?
  • How is an allergy different than PKU?
  • What is it like having an allergy/PKU?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What advice would you give to other children with allergies/PKU?

Distribute the activity sheets. Allow the children time to complete them, then discuss their answers.




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