School-Age Curriculum: Calculating PHE


How Much Did You Eat?
Read a story about the importance of weighing and measuring foods to know how much phe we are eating. Practice the skills with a hands-on activity and a worksheet.

Learning the "Real" Phe Content of Potatoes
Participants estimate the amount of phe in an assortment of potatoes, then use a gram scale and a food list to calculate actual phe content.

Mind Teasers
Participants complete a worksheet reviewing the information needed to calculate the phe content of foods and meals.

Soup is Good Food
Review the phenylalanine content of several different types of canned soups and sort them into low, medium, and high PHE groups. Discuss portion sizes and whether these would fit into the food pattern of a person with PKU.


Calculating Phe Curriculum for other ages:

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