Celebration Foods

CONCEPT: Making Healthy Choices


Child completes a worksheet that deals with selecting appropriate holiday foods.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify appropriate and inappropriate holiday foods
  • determine what information is necessary to identify a YES food
  • describe alternatives to NO foods



Set the stage:
Talk about the holidays at home. Are there any special activities that happen each year? Are there traditional family recipes that are cooked? Does your family have any plans set for this holiday season? What is your favorite holiday meal?

Distribute a worksheet to each child. Allow time for them to work through the activity individually. Discuss their answers together. Which foods fit into their food pattern? Which do not? What are some alternatives to the "NO" foods?

Talk about holiday meals:
Discuss a holiday meal that a family might eat. What foods can a person with PKU eat? Ask the children to share their favorite low protein alternatives.

Distribute the "Celebration Meals" handout to the children and their families. Explain that these are a few ideas for low phe alternatives to traditional high phe holiday foods.





With your child, use the Low Protein Cookbook and work together to find ideas for low protein holiday foods.


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