Get on the Low-Phe Track

CONCEPT: Healthy Food Choices



Using a handout with names of some high-phe foods, the children think of low-phe substitutes that will get their diets on the "low-phe track." A low phe recipe is included.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • list low-phe alternatives to common high-phe foods



Lead a discussion
Review high-phe and low-phe foods with the participants.

Distribute copies of the Get on the Low-Phe Track worksheet.

Explain that the words that appear "off the track" are the names of high-phe foods. The children's goal is to get their diet "on track" by writing the name of one low-phe alternative between the railroad ties next to each high-phe foods.

Some names of low-phe foods appear at the bottom of the handout for ideas. Encourage the children to think of other good choices.

Let's Cook!
A recipe for Low-Phe Railroad Tracks is included. Work together to make the recipe and enjoy a snack!





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