Let's Go To Camp!

CONCEPT: Healthy Food Choices Away From Home



Discuss camp adventures and complete a worksheet to think about food and formula decisions at camp.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify appropriate foods for the PKU diet from a camp menu
  • list foods they could choose for their meals or snacks while at camp
  • describe strategies for addressing camp food dilemmas (such as making S'mores by the campfire or going on an overnight campout)



  1. Open the activity with a discussion about summer camp, with questions such as:
    • Who has been to camp before?
    • What was it like? What activities did you do? What was your favorite activity?
    • Where did you eat your meals? What kind of food choices did they have?
    • How did you decide what to eat? Did you know what the menu would be beforehand?
    • How did it work with your formula? Did you make it? Did someone else make it? When did you drink it?
    • Did you go on any overnight adventures? If so, where did you go? What did you do about food and formula?
    • If nobody has been to camp, discuss the above questions together to problem solve what they could do if they were going.
  2. Complete the worksheet:
    Distribute the worksheet to each participant. Review the answers after they have completed it.




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