Pack-A-Sack Lunch

CONCEPT: PKU Diet, Menu Planning, Calculating Phe



Participants complete an activity to practice packing a sack lunch for school and calculating the phe content.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • list several suggestions for low phe foods that could be included in a sack lunch
  • choose appropriate food choices to fit into a set phe prescription for lunch
  • plan a sack lunch for themselves



Lead a discussion about packing your own lunch.

  • How many pack their own lunches now?
  • How many plan to pack their own lunches in the future?
  • Reinforce that it is easy to pack your lunch if you are prepared, and it will help you to learn the PKU diet better.

Distribute the worksheet. Discuss the first page together and explain the worksheet. Participants complete it individually. Provide assistance as needed. When they have finished, discuss their answers together. What type of lunches did they pack?

For fun, hand out the Word Find puzzle for the children to complete.





  • Work together with your child to plan a week's menus of sack lunches that will fit into his/her daily phe prescription.
  • Together with your child, create a food list similar to "Joe's List for Lunches" in the activity above. Then, when it is time to pack a lunch it is easy to look at the list for ideas.
  • Encourage your child to learn to pack his/her own lunch. A good division of responsibility includes the parent making sure there are low phe food choices appropriate for sack lunches available in the kitchen, and the child then choosing from what is available and making the lunch.



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