Sleeping Over at Fred's House

CONCEPT: Making Healthy Food Choices Away From Home



A role playing activity is used to encourage thought and discussion about PKU management while spending the weekend at a friend's house.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • state their phe prescription
  • state how much formula they need
  • describe several ways to get the right amount of protein and phe




  • How many children have slept over at a friend's house?
  • What did you do at your friend's house?
  • Who made your formula for you? (Did you bring it with you? or make it at your friend's house?)

Role Playing

Tell the children that they are all going to role play.

Here is the setting:

You are staying at your friend's house for the weekend, while your parents are away. Your friend's mother doesn't know much about your diet, so she asks you:

  • How much phe can you have in one day?
  • How much formula should I help you mix up?
  • How do you know you are getting the right amount of phe? (i.e., by weighing and measuring foods, by drinking all the formula, avoiding high phe foods, writing down the food I eat and keeping track of the phe)


Distribute a worksheet and food list to each child. Allow time for the children to work through the worksheet, then discuss the answers together.

Practice Making Formula

If time permits, have the children practice mixing their own formula. Review the steps along the way



  • acrobat reader logo What's for Dinner? Worksheet
  • acrobat reader logo Food List
  • Pencils
  • Each child's formula and phe prescription
  • Formula mixing supplies (formula powder, mixing container, scale, hand blender, water)



  • Assist your child in learning how to answer these questions by continuing the role playing at home and discussing the answers.
  • Have your child begin to mix his/her own formula to develop increased independence and knowledge.


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