The Summer Picnic

CONCEPT: Growing Up With PKU, Will Power



Read a story about two children who learn about will-power and how to use it. Discuss different situations where will-power can be involved, especially in relation to the PKU diet.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • define "will-power"
  • describe how the characters in the story used will-power
  • share times in their lives when they have used will-power
  • identify will-power when they see it in different scenarios



Read the story The Summer Picnic with the children. Let the children turns reading the story out loud.

Lead a discussion with the children:
What is will-power?
How did the children in the story discover will-power?
How did they use it?

Hand out the "Will-Power: Do You Use It?" worksheet. As a group discuss each scenario and take turns answering the questions. At the end, encourage the children to share times in their lives when they have used will-power (related to the PKU diet or in other areas of daily living).

Distribute the other worksheets to the children, "A Summer Picnic Phe-Esta" and "Will-Power". Allow time for them to work through them independently. Discuss their answers together.




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