I Can Do It: Taking Responsibility

CONCEPT: Responsibility


Watch a video with four scenarios related to responsible actions. Discuss each scenario and decide what the appropriate actions would be.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • describe responsibility
  • understand what is involved in choosing a responsible course of action
  • identify that there is usually more than one way of looking at things
  • examine situations in which responsible decisions are needed
  • identify areas of their daily routines where they can become more responsible



What is responsibility?
Open the activity with the question "What is responsibility?" Ask the children to describe responsibility.

Watch the video I Can Do It: Taking Responsibility, by Sunburst Communications. (12 minutes long, with four scenarios)

Lead a discussion:
Stop the video at the end of each scenario. Lead a small discussion about what you just watched:

  • What would you do if you were in the same situation?
  • Ask the children to comment on each other's ideas.
  • Lead the group in selecting the appropriate choice.

Continue with the next scenario on the video (there are four scenarios) and lead discussions after each.

Discuss what each part of the video had in common. (Responsibility!)

Distribute the worksheets "Responsibility: What Kinds?" (worksheet 1), "I Can Do It!" (worksheet 2), and "I Can Do It!" Poster (worksheet 3). Allow the children time to complete them on their own. Discuss their answers. (There are several other worksheets that are included with the video. If there is time you might choose to include others with this activity.)



  • Video: I Can Do It: Taking Responsibility, Sunburst Communications, Inc., 1992. To order call: 1-800-431-1934.
  • TV and VCR
  • Worksheets 1, 2, and 3 (these come with the video)


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