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SRF600 - Add Student Record

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                   A D D   S T U D E N T   R E C O R D                      * *
_______ _________ ___-__-____
_____________________________________________ __/__/__ __

STUDENT NUMBER:_______   SSN:___-__-____
NAME:LAST,FIRST MIDDLE NAME____________________ BIRTHDATE:__/__/____
CLASS:     __
SEX:       _
MAJOR: _   _-_-______-__-__             /
           _-_-______-__-__             /
           _-_-______-__-__             /
NCR:       _
ADMIT QTR: ___/____    ADMITTED: _
SPCL PGM:  __                               HONORS PROGRAM: _
ETHNIC:    ___                         HISPANIC: ___
HIGH SCH:  ______
LAST SCHL: ______      TYPE: _

Instructions for screen SRF600

The Data Services Office, GARS, and the Registration Office use the 600 screen to add a microfilm record to the SDB and issue student ID numbers to people who have not been admitted to the University, e.g, UWEO - Extension (Distance Learning) students and the senior citizens registering through the Access program. The number issued is determined by the "admittance quarter and year" (for more information refer to page 2). The addition of a person to the SDB using this screen does not mean he has been admitted to the University.

Before using this screen to add someone and have an ID number issued, be sure to check thoroughly to see if they are already in the database. Check using the SRF500 screen if all you have is the student's name. If you have either the system key number or the social security number, try the SRF305 screen, the SRF615 screen or the SRF530 screen. The fields that have been bolded must be filled in when using this screen to add a record to the database. If the information for the other fields is available, they should also be filled in.

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Screen last updated:June 25, 2009, 12:00 pm