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SRF605 - Student Information Update

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           S T U D E N T   I N F O R M A T I O N   U P D A T E              *E*
XXXXXXX 000018235 000-00-XXXX
JULIUS,J J                                    01/01/01 __
 GENDER:    M    MALE        DECEASED DATE:   01/22/1998       SPORTS: __
 ETHNIC:    987  NOT IND     HISPANIC: 999    NOT IND                  __
 HOME ADDR: 1984 SEATTLE     VETERAN:   00    NON VETERAN              __
 ALUM CHILD:N    NO          VET BENEFIT:_                             __
 ASUW:      N    NO          IMMIGR NO:  ___________                   __
 FIRST QUARTER: AUTUMN 1910  PROJ CLASS: __   PAC: 123456 ( 0/00/00 )
 SAT CR:     590  WPCT VERBAL:      ACT: 026  GRE VERBAL: 555  ANALYTICAL: 777
 SAT M:      530 WPCT QUANT:                 GRE QUANT: 666 AN-WRITING: 4.0
HIGH SCHOOL:                         RANK:      0/   0     0%
 ______ (   )-                                          GPA:  HIGH SCHOOL: _.__
 GRADUATION DATE: __/__/__                                   2-YR COLLEGE: _.__
LAST SCHOOL TYPE: 3   CODE: 004854   DATE: 0694              4-YR COLLEGE: 4.00
 ADMISSION INDEX: __    FRC: 00.0                               POST BACC: _.__
    TA ADMISSION: N     RST: _ CHS: _V                  GRAD ADM QTR/YR: SPR/1984
INTENDED MAJORS: ______ ______ ______

Instructions for screen SRF605

This screen shows much of the same information you see on the 305 screen. However, information can be updated on this screen unlike the 305. You can enter or change the following information in these fields below the student name.

  • Gender
  • Deceased Date
  • Sports
  • Ethnic
  • Hispanic
  • Home Addr
  • Veteran
  • Alum Child
  • Vet Benefit
  • ASUW
  • Immigr No.
  • First Quarter
  • Proj Class
  • PAC

Most of these fields should never be changed.

The following fields may need to be changed in certain circumstances: Gender (if it is incorrect), Deceased Date (this is entered by staff in the GARS Office), Ethnic & Hispanic (usually only changed by Admissions), Proj Class (if transfer credits are entered after the projected class standing has been updated for registration purposes, the Registration staff may reset this field to the correct class standing taking into consideration the completed credits on the SRF310 screen (completed, transfer, & Extension) and the number of current credits on the SRF100 screen. This usually only happens if the student contacts the Registration office questions their registration priority.

The PAC or Private Access Code field is only changed if a student calls (and their directory release is yes) or comes by the window and cannot remember their code. The Registration staff will either tell the student the numbers in the field or change the field by entering a six digit code. For students who stopped attending before 1993, this field will only be zeros. (PAC was established after 1993.) For these students, the staff will enter the students DOB as MMDDYY.  The staff user code will then show after the date the PAC was changed.

The test score portion of this screen is updated when new test scores are uploaded into the SDB or manually entered on the 530 screen. Test scores cannot be updated on this screen.

The information listed on the bottom part of this screen comes from the application entry screens. This information is entered from the admission application and is not changed. If there was information on the High School this student attended, it would be listed under HIGH SCHOOL. The information on what college the student last attended is listed next. The LAST SCHOOL TYPE entry can be a 1 (high school), 2 (2 year or community college) , or 3 (4 year college). The CODE is the 6 digit code used to indicate the last school attended. It is translated by the SDB and shows on the SRF505 and SRF325 screens.

The ADMISSION INDEX is decided by Admissions and is never changed. The TA ADMISSION shows entry by UW Extension. The GRAD ADM QTR/YR shows the quarter and year this student was admitted to graduate school.

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