On Poverty, Inequality and More-Than-Capitalist Livelihoods

September 11, 2018  • Posted in Podcasts  •  0 Comments

TONY SPARKS: What are priority research topics on impoverishment at this very moment?

ERIC SHEPPARD: The first aspect of this is to reconceptualize what we mean by impoverishment itself. There’s a standard definition, which is lack of disposable income. So the convention worldwide is to say less than $2 per day per household means that you’re poor. But impoverishment is not necessarily about a lack of money, and just because you lack money does not necessarily mean that you’re unable to support yourself and live well. So I would want us to think much more broadly about impoverishment, in terms of the conditions under which people can achieve their imagined livelihood possibilities – whether or not that’s about money….

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